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Giving Up Vegetarianism!

Friday, February 3, 2017

YOU GUYS. I have been a vegetarian for 7 YEARS. Until now!! The main reason is that I am hoping to specialize in eating disorders as a therapist, and I just feel like it's easier to not have any dietary restrictions right now. I will probably go back to being vegetarian once I have a few years of therapy under my belt. But for now, bring me alllll the meats. (Gotta take full advantage!)

After making my decision, I went and got a McDouble. I posted this picture on Facebook and everyone was DYING that I broke my vegetarianism with McDonald's lol. The problem is I am too poor to go to Ruth's Chris and also I am alone and not going to a sit down restaurant, and lastly THOSE HAMBURGERS ARE GOOD. I have no shame.

One of the things we are not big fans of over here in Connecticut is the lack of yummy little food places! If you live in Utah (most of you do) or have visited, you will notice there are treat shops instead of bars, and lots and lots of mid priced places to eat (Cubby's, Zupa's, 180 Tacos, Blue Lemon, etc.). NYC was good food wise (obviously), but out here in Connecticut it seems there is either fast food or sit down restaurants.

So, I have been on the mega hunt for places that you can get a full meal for under $20, without going through a drive through. I'll make a full guide about this once we move next summer, but in the mean time I will just tag them with Connecticut Guide here and you can view them all.

SO! Friday night we went to House of Bones in Derby, Connecticut, and it was soooo good! You order your food, sit down, and they bring it out to you.

Got this cutie lil dinner date! He's growing his hair out again and I'm PUMPED.

Pulled pork sandwiches are one of my favorite things! I am obsessed with theirs and will definitely be back. (If you are veg, these are actually pretty yummy and taste similar IMO.) 

I am obsessed with their logo lol. Next to this brick wall are these huge black elevator shaft doors. It definitely lives up to the name "House of Bones" lol.

I need to do a NYC guide as well! I think when I make them I am going to do the name, money level (requires waiter or not), and locations. If there's anything else you guys think I should add let me know!

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