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Thursday, January 12, 2017


We are so mad because we straight up KNEW this guy was sketchy, but we just didn't listen to our guts UGH.

Ok so I'll try to make this not a TL;DR, but also there are a lot of details I want to remember haha.

Ok, so it was like 9:30 on Friday night. We had just picked up some donuts and were headed home to watch Ryan Gosling movies (so I could prove to J that La La Land was not his strongest role) when J got a text. This was literally how the conversation went:

R (rando): Still have your PS4
J: Yes
R: Can you meet
J: When?
R: Today
J: Where?
R: Meet me in Norwalk
J: Ok we will be there in about half an hour

So we started driving to Norwalk which is a 30 minute drive for us. About halfway this dude says, "How much." J gave him the price and the guy basically said he wouldn't pay it because it wasn't in a box. We pulled over and were so annoyed because we had already spent 30 minutes packing everything up and starting our drive. We assumed at this point we were talking with like, a 16 year old boy or something. So, J sent him a text basically saying, "You won't find a better deal, I have looked. It's bad taste to get someone driving to meet you and then try to barter price. Are you ready to get serious?"

The kid said, "Nah." So we prepared to start the drive home. Then, J got a text that said, "F*** it, $260." We looked at each other are were like, "Hmmmmm?!?!" We debated for several minutes whether or not to go through with it.

- J could get his computer graphics card sooner.
- We had already taken like 30 minutes out of our night to do this and felt like we should just finish it.

- He was maybe not going to be there and would just LOL at pranking some dumb adults.
- We would waste more time.

So, we decided to go through with it and kept driving to Norwalk. The whole way there we were CONVINCED that there wasn't going to be anyone there and that this kid was pranking us. We texted him, "What kind of car are you in?" He said, "Ford." We said, "What color?" He never texted us back. Like we were CONVINCED it was going to be an angry teenager prank, you guys. CONVINCED.

So, imagine our surprise when we pulled into the Walgreens parking lot AND SAW A FORD!!! We pulled up next to him, J got out, he got out, they made the trade, and J got back in the car with $260 cash in his hand.

We were giggling and experiencing such a rush. J was like, "He seemed nervous I was trying to scam him! Ha! He was like, "Dude are you sure this is going to work?!" He probably thought we were going to prank him! Imagine that!" We drive the 30 minutes home with just like, the ultimate high that comes after living through a near death scenario. (Remember this was taking place at 10:30 at night and they had just gotten into a kind of text-fight lol.)

We arrived home, parked, and walked into our apartment. J pulled out the money and was like, "I HAVE to double check." He laid the 20s next to his 20 and just immediately put his hands to his head and said, "It's fake."

"We just got scammed." 

"All this money is fake."

I am a genius and was like, "Maybe it's just an older bill??" J said, "No, it's money. The government doesn't make mistakes with money. It's all the same. We got scammed."

If you know me IRL, you know I am a little hot headed. Like, I do NOT have much chill in situations like this. I don't get angry necessarily, like I was laughing the whole time, but I just take things as far as I can so I can feel like I put in 100% effort. So, J started researching counterfeit money and I called Walgreens: They couldn't see the license plate because of a "glare". (My mother and I both agree that the Walgreen's manager was in on it. (Not really, but let me have fun with this ok?!)) Then we called the police station in Norwalk: No one answered. I called a different number and choose a different option, and the chick who answered told me to go into the Norwalk police station to file the complaint.

At this point it was like 11:30pm. We are usually sleeping at this time lol, but we hopped back in our car and drove the 30 minutes BACK to Norwalk to file our complaint. 


So, we walked into the police station at midnight. We told the guy at the front desk what happened to us and immediately realized he was the type of person who answered questions in paragraphs, not sentences. We handed him the counterfeit money and he LITERALLY spent 4-5 minutes looking at the bills and saying, "Amazing!" "I have never seen these before!" "I'm no bill expert!"

ONE HOUR LATER. (Like I can't even tell you what happened in that hour because it was all meaningless fluff and rambling.) He told us that ALL THE COPS WERE GONE because the power was out and they were having break ins. He had already started filing our complaint so he told us to take a seat and wait for some of the cops to get back. 


So, we went back into our car and waited for a few minutes. Then J went back inside and told the cop that we would just come back. The cop GAVE US BACK the counterfeit money lol and we left.

We ended up going back on Monday. While we were waiting all the cops were making fun of the complaint the first cop had started to fill out. I guess he did like everything wrong haha. He was probably a volunteer or something?! Who knows.

We met with a different cop who was immediately like, "How could you not tell this was fake??" LOL. We felt slightly dumb. But, he filed the complaint, took the counterfeit money and that was that! 

All in all, like it sucked to be scammed but now we know to trust our gut ALWAYS!! That was the most annoying thing about the whole ordeal, for us. Like we knew it was sketchy but we did it anyway. UGH! Hey at least we know how to spot counterfeit money from now on lol.

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