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Tokyo Souvenirs

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Neither me or J are big "souvenir" people. Like, I wouldn't say we are minimalists, but probably 90% of the things we own are things we use often. So we really didn't get a ton of "Japanese" looking souvenirs since they would have just sat in a closet lol. But we did get some fun stuff! I figure it will all probably be thrown away in a year or two lol so I wanted to document it here.

Ok so all of the above is candy. We actually haven't tried much of it yet lol. I don't really know what we are waiting for? But those strawberry koalas are SO GOOD. They sell them in the United States too and they taste pretty much the same haha. (For all you Utah people, there is a store called Pirate O's that has tons of candy and stuff from all over the world. It's very cool.)

From top to bottom:

Cat and panda stationary: HOW CUTE ARE THESE! I don't know what I am going to do with them, but I want it to be something really cool because they are too cute to ever be thrown away.

Towels: So the one on the left I use as a face towel when I wash my face. It can be used as a bunch of of different things. And then the one on the right (HEDGEHOGS HOW CUTE!!!) is a tea towel for the kitchen.

Bath bomb: Ok I haven't used this yet because I'm saving it for a hard day haha. But I'm excited.

Pencil case: So far this is the only school supply I have and school starts in 2 weeks.

Chopstick blocks: I think you set your chopsticks on these while you are eating? Not 100% sure. J wanted these haha.

Outlet covers: HOW CUTE ARE THESE!! I got these for when we have kids and need to plug the outlets. 

Sticky note page tabs: Ok, so I guess these are also school supplies. They are like little sticky note tabs that you can use to mark a page in a text book. 


I also a got a really cute plaid scarf that I didn't photograph, but it's very cute and I will remember it for the rest of my life. We got some chopsticks that we will also have forever. J got us a pair of engraved chopsticks to keep nice and non-used, and then we got a bunch that we will actually use. 

Anyway! I think we did good on the souvenir front!

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