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Tokyo: Part IV

Friday, January 6, 2017

Thursday was our last full day in Tokyo, and also my last day eating meat lol. So, naturally we started the day with a McDonald's hamburger. I will miss those babies.

Then, we went to the Skytree to get views of Tokyo. 

I love love love being up high and getting good views! It was a rainy day and the fog made it so pretty.


There are 2 floors, and it's seriously crazy how high up you go!

Second floor views.

This photo makes me LOL. Idk what's going on for real.

There was a Max Brenner!!! So I made everyone try their dessert pizza. SO GOOD.

We ate lunch this little shack where you sat on the floor and took off your shoes.

I hadn't ever had an original Coke until this trip. Not bad lol.

We ate Okinomiyaki, which is like a pancake with meat and vegetables.

They bring it to you in a bowl like this, and you mix it all together.

You cook it on the grill and then add teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise. V interesting! 

After lunch we walked over to Asakusa where they have a bunch of shops and a temple.

This is thee place to get all your souvenirs! Tokyo itself is pretty expensive, but this whole marketplace had super cool stuff for a reasonable price.

The Skytree in the distance!

So outside the temple they had this little fortune telling thing. You shook this metal container and a stick with a number popped out. Then you found the drawer with the corresponding number and took a piece of paper out of it. It told you about your future! So cool!

Oh, and then you tied it to this wire rack!

They had something else where you would burn paper? Or incense? It was too smoky to get close enough to tell lol.

It was so pretty! I love love overcast weather.

J had to use the restroom and he said that it was all windows lol. Like you could stand outside the building and see in! Ah!

We were in this alley and saw these guys hanging up lanterns. It was so magical!

Also, we found these huge statues a little ways outside the temple. They were maybe 15 feet tall? I was/am obsessed.

J got us some little pastries at the market.

They had a bunch of different shapes and were so cute.

They were filled with that same bean paste I talked about in my last post. It's dece but not the same as chocolate or ice cream for sure hahaha.

OK! So we thought these were mochi. Well, they were mochi but they were covered in soy sauce ah! The woman who sold them to us was just like watching me eat them because we had to eat them in a certain area. There wasn't a trash can and I wasn't a fan and I panicked lol. J ended up eating the rest haha.

After the temple, we found a Purikura photo booth! This was the thing I wanted to do the MOST while we were in Tokyo lol. It was soooo fun and so funny omg I am dying. If I ever become a millionaire I am buying one for my house 100%.

I like distorts your face so you look weird. And then after you take the pictures, you can edit them and add stickers, change lip color, etc. We accidentally ended it and only edited the big photo and another one, but it gives you a good idea of what it looks like without any add ons!


We found the best Daiso (dollar store) in Shinagawa. It was in a mall and the selection was SO GOOD. 

After that we hopped on a plane and headed home.

I didn't sleep on the planes and then crashed when we got home. I honestly don't feel like like it was too hard to adjust to either time change. J on the other hand, OH MY. Let's just leave at the words: HOT MESS. We've been home two weeks and he still isn't sleeping regularly ugh! 

ANYWAY. All in all it was a v fun trip! J said it was a 10/10 and he RARELY gives things a 10/10 rating! I'm glad we got to go back to where he served his church mission before we get busy with  school schedules and babies (not pregnant, will not be soon). I feel like now is the time to go on these crazy trips!

Special thanks to my in-laws for accompanying us on this trip! I think traveling with family is 100x more fun than visiting each other at houses haha. So hopefully we can keep this going! Currently trying to convince my family to do Harry Potter world this summer lol.

Goodbye for a while, Tokyo! You were good to us!

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