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Tokyo Disneyland

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ok, if you know me 90% you know that I am NOT a Disneyland person lol. I literally feel like I have to explain why so you guys don't hate me.
  • I don't really enjoy animated movies, so I think that's a big part of it.
  • I don't remember watching any Disney movies growing up. My mom is pretty granola (when she reads this she will say, "I am not!!!" and we usually didn't have T.V. (I LOVE this in hindsight and am planning on not having T.V. when we have babes, side note.) When I did watch T.V. it was usually Power Rangers, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network. Like make a theme park about Courage the Cowardly Dog and I'll be there for sure.
  • I don't like theme parks.
    •  I don't like being hot. Like I can't handle it. 
    •  I get motion sickness really easy. Or at least I did as a kid.
    •  When I was 11 we moved from Vernal, Utah to American Fork, Utah. This meant we were like 3 hours closer to the "big theme park" and we went like 80 times I swear. It was always hot and we always ate weird food and there were always weird people and I always got motion sickness and I just HATED it. Like so much. I haven't been to Lagoon since lol. 
  • I don't like waiting in long lines.
  • I am stubborn AF and people are ALWAYS trying to convince me to do ish I don't want to do. "They'll be like, "Come on, Em! It's not that big of a deal!" And I'll be like, "No." And they think for some reason that if they keep badgering me I will be like, "Alright!!" But it never happens because like I said, I am very, very stubborn. So I also don't like theme parks because I hate this exchange and think it's very annoying. Like let me live my life and you live yours, ya know?
So, that is why I am not a Disneyland person. And that is important to know before reading this post.

ANYWAY! We heard really great things about the DisneySea park. I had never been to a Disney park as an adult and I don't think J had either? Also his parents love Disneyland. So, we decided to plan a DisneySea day! There is also a Disneyland in Tokyo, but we heard DisneySea was better. 

Disneyland in the distance!

My favorite thing was seeing how happy and excited people were to be there lol. Look how cute these girls are! There were people like this EVERYWHERE.

They had this mountain that actually looked like super realistic and spit lava.

Ok how magical is this Christmas tree? Also how cute was this couple?! J said that it was a style modeled after a video game for sure lol.

We found mistletoe!

GUYS. The look on J's face as I eat meat hahahahah. I can't handle this.

I think this was in Indian Jones!

These alien mochi were like the main thing I wanted to do/get in DisneySea lol! They were filled with bean curd which was ok, but not as good as the ice cream ones. They had a chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavor which I almost didn't discover after one bite of the chocolate one ahhh. Anyway, they are at the New York Delicatessen and definitely worth getting.


So one of the funnest things was getting all the food there. Like I feel like as an adult that is how I will make Disneyland fun lol. They had all these different flavored popcorns at different areas of the park. We tried curry and caramel. I liked the caramel, but the curry was a little strange TBH lol.

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This was a pretty chill day. J wanted us all to get custom chopsticks lol. So we went to this little chopstick shop, chose a pair, and got our names engraved on them. I got so confused (and still am) because we got a pair for everyone in J's family, but half were their first names and half were their last names?? It was one of those moments where it was like, wait, why are we making this the most complicated thing lol. And still to this day I don't know why we did it like that.

It haunts me.

Oh and also this chopstick store was like, the smallest thing in the world and people were trying to shop around and I was just standing there and it was very claustrophobic feeling lol. I literally had to go stand outside because I was dying.

ALSO. This was the day I tried the white grape juice and aloe drink from the vending machine. It was super good with little chunks of aloe, but it hurt my stomach really bad because #fructoseprobs

We then went to a museum where they had those little baskets they used to carry people in. It was strangely more comfortable than you'd think.

Next up was Akihabara which is like the video game district in Tokyo.

We didn't buy anything lol. We just walked around and soaked in all the of the hard core video gamers in the area. There were a lot of cool stores that had like Nintendo games and cosplay sections lol. 

We were looking at our phones trying to figure out where to go and this girl came up to us and was like, "Can I help you?!" She was like, super smily and ditzy the whole time she was telling us where to go and it was really weird lol. Maybe she wanted to practice her English.

This was our first and only night having like, quality sushi. Well, J and his dad were the only ones who got it lol. At this point in the trip I was pretty much wanting to eat like I did before unless it was a hamburger. So, I just got veggie tempura which no one cares about.

J and his dad talk about sushi A LOT. Like, a lot. But, this was the first time in history that they literally talked about sushi the entire time they were eating sushi. It was magical for them. They were like closing their eyes and having a spiritual experience haha.

Idk why, but I really love this picture and I just snapped it out of nowhere on the train home lol. 

I totally suck at doing photo and video, as you can tell. I didn't take that many photos this day ugh, but also I feel like it was a pretty chill day anyway.

Last and final part coming tomorrow!

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