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Getting High On Accident!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

GUYS MY LIFE LATELY!!! Such random things are happening, like I can't handle it. I want to get this story down before I forget the details!


A few weeks ago, J and I got invited to a new friend's house for a game night. She had some little tablets she had gotten online that were supposed to change the flavors of foods. So if you ate something sweet it would be sour and something sour would be sweet. It's based on some African fruit and you can get them online, they're called Miracle Frooties or Mberry.

She cut up all these yummy foods for us to try and brought them out. I was seriously so excited at this point. If you know me, you know that I love strange experiences like this. I think they are so fun and make good stories. Little did I know how good of a story this would make...

So, she handed out the tablets and told us to just let it dissolve on our tongues. I put mine in my mouth and rolled it around on my tongue, making sure the whole thing was coated so this would for sure work. It tasted a little bit like dirt, but it honestly wasn't that bad. It took maybe 5 or 6 minutes to dissolve completely, according to directions. I only made it about halfway.

Suddenly, my stomach started to hurt. Like, food poisoning hurt. (Side note: I have recently discovered that I am really sensitive to fructose, like if I eat 2 apples by themselves in the morning I will be so sick in the evening.) I was so confused because I hadn't had any fruit that day, or anything else that would make me sick. 

I gave the stomach pains a minute or two before excusing myself to the bathroom. I didn't have any food poisoning, but as I was sitting there, I started to get a dizzy, like I had gotten up too fast and the blood was rushing to my head. Usually this goes away after a few seconds, but instead of it going away, the edges of my vision started to blur. I got up and quickly washed my hands. The sound of the water sounded far away, like I was holding my breath underwater and listening to life happen outside of the pool. 

I gave myself a second in the bathroom, trying to decide if we should stay or go. On one hand, these friends were new. Like, first time hanging out new. And I didn't want them to think I was ditching because I wasn't having fun or didn't like them. On the other hand, the blurred vision and underwater hearing were freaking me out.

I walked out of the bathroom and told J that I wasn't feeling good and we should probably leave soon. I was thinking we would taste the foods and stay about 10 minutes longer. I sat down to taste the foods and it was just like, the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. My vision was blurred/blacked out on the corners. My hearing sounded like I was underwater. My friend was asking me something from two feet away and I just heard the end where she was like, "Oh never mind, you're not feeling good." While all of this was going on, my stomach still felt like it had food poisoning. And to top it all off, all the food tasted exactly the same to me.

So literally, while everyone was tasting the food and having a good time, I just got up and was like, "We have to go sorry." I immediately walked to the door and started getting my coat and shoes. It was  so sudden and weird, I literally LOL looking back on it. Everyone was really nice about it though, and I later found out they thought I was pregnant hahahah.

So, we stepped outside and it was freezing cold. My hearing immediately changed back to normal. I got in the car, closed my eyes, and we drove home.

We got home and I end up going to the bathroom on 3 separate occasions while my body (the tablet???) flushed itself out. Finally, I curled up with J on the couch around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm. Our couch is fairly small, so I basically have to lay on top of him for us to both fit. (Also, it's important to note I am a light sleeper. Like, when J gets out of bed for water I wake up. Or when someone touches me I wake up.) J started to watch a show and I just completely passed out. J ended up falling asleep as well, but he woke up at midnight, moved me off of him, and went to bed. I on the other hand, did not wake up to a grown man removing himself from underneath me. In fact, I sleep until 4:00 in the morning, woke up, went to bed, and sleep for another 6 hours!!!!!


The next day I was laughing so hard at how funny it must have looked when I was just like, "I have to go" and immediately left lol!!!! Also, my mom (she is a nurse) and I were laughing and how freaking potent things are to me. I swear my body like can not handle ANYTHING! I took 4 Tylenol PM (accidentally) one time at work and it was not quite as bad as this flavor tablet, but it was bad. People were trying to have conversations with me and I couldn't focus on anything they were saying. On the drive home when cars passed me going my same direction, it made me jump like someone had just scared me from behind a door!!

I guess the moral of the story is that whatever the normal potency is for people, I need to take like 25% of that and it will work just fine hahahahah.

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