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Monday, January 30, 2017

A Happy List: 152

Meeting a new friend and her immediately complimenting my eyelash length lol.
Learning about sleep and the different chronotypes. (Podcast is worth a listen!)
Ordering a bunch of skirts from ThredUp/getting my style back.
Getting almost completely up to date on my reading for school.
Getting released from my church calling. (Hallelujah!)
Starting to see development in my abs from BBG.
The little hamburgers from McDonald's.
Finding a desk on Craigslist for $40.
BBQ pork sandwiches.
Dogs in raincoats.

- - - - -

I was complaining to J about this woman never answering my emails in a direct manner. He said, "She might as well say, "vague email below"!"

J was trying to wake me up so we could eat breakfast together. He was shaking me and saying, "Wakey wakey play with bakey!"

 - - - - -

Friday, January 27, 2017

DIY Polaroid Memory Box

This DIY is super easy and quick!  Plus, it makes such a cute gift for Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion!

This is a cute, functional way to showcase all your favorite memories over the years through a unique memory box. Simply pull the tab and watch all your favorite memories unravel before your eyes. 

I got this wooden crate at Michael's for $1. I painted it white because I want it to be timeless, but any color would look good. I chose gray cardstock and cut it into strips slightly wider than my Polaroid photos. I glued the strips together with super glue and folded them accordion style. I added a little ribbon to the top of the pullout for easier access. Lastly, I peeled the backs off the Polaroid photos and stuck them to the cardstock. And that was it!

I got the cutest gold and pink tissue paper at Target and used it as wrapping. I think it turned out really cute and festive!

- - - - -

Thank you to Polaroid for providing me with my own Polaroid Snap instant digital camera and partnering with me on this project!

Disclaimer: I was provided a Polaroid Snap instant digital camera by Polaroid, but all opinions expressed are my own! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Getting High On Accident!

GUYS MY LIFE LATELY!!! Such random things are happening, like I can't handle it. I want to get this story down before I forget the details!


A few weeks ago, J and I got invited to a new friend's house for a game night. She had some little tablets she had gotten online that were supposed to change the flavors of foods. So if you ate something sweet it would be sour and something sour would be sweet. It's based on some African fruit and you can get them online, they're called Miracle Frooties or Mberry.

She cut up all these yummy foods for us to try and brought them out. I was seriously so excited at this point. If you know me, you know that I love strange experiences like this. I think they are so fun and make good stories. Little did I know how good of a story this would make...

So, she handed out the tablets and told us to just let it dissolve on our tongues. I put mine in my mouth and rolled it around on my tongue, making sure the whole thing was coated so this would for sure work. It tasted a little bit like dirt, but it honestly wasn't that bad. It took maybe 5 or 6 minutes to dissolve completely, according to directions. I only made it about halfway.

Suddenly, my stomach started to hurt. Like, food poisoning hurt. (Side note: I have recently discovered that I am really sensitive to fructose, like if I eat 2 apples by themselves in the morning I will be so sick in the evening.) I was so confused because I hadn't had any fruit that day, or anything else that would make me sick. 

I gave the stomach pains a minute or two before excusing myself to the bathroom. I didn't have any food poisoning, but as I was sitting there, I started to get a dizzy, like I had gotten up too fast and the blood was rushing to my head. Usually this goes away after a few seconds, but instead of it going away, the edges of my vision started to blur. I got up and quickly washed my hands. The sound of the water sounded far away, like I was holding my breath underwater and listening to life happen outside of the pool. 

I gave myself a second in the bathroom, trying to decide if we should stay or go. On one hand, these friends were new. Like, first time hanging out new. And I didn't want them to think I was ditching because I wasn't having fun or didn't like them. On the other hand, the blurred vision and underwater hearing were freaking me out.

I walked out of the bathroom and told J that I wasn't feeling good and we should probably leave soon. I was thinking we would taste the foods and stay about 10 minutes longer. I sat down to taste the foods and it was just like, the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. My vision was blurred/blacked out on the corners. My hearing sounded like I was underwater. My friend was asking me something from two feet away and I just heard the end where she was like, "Oh never mind, you're not feeling good." While all of this was going on, my stomach still felt like it had food poisoning. And to top it all off, all the food tasted exactly the same to me.

So literally, while everyone was tasting the food and having a good time, I just got up and was like, "We have to go sorry." I immediately walked to the door and started getting my coat and shoes. It was  so sudden and weird, I literally LOL looking back on it. Everyone was really nice about it though, and I later found out they thought I was pregnant hahahah.

So, we stepped outside and it was freezing cold. My hearing immediately changed back to normal. I got in the car, closed my eyes, and we drove home.

We got home and I end up going to the bathroom on 3 separate occasions while my body (the tablet???) flushed itself out. Finally, I curled up with J on the couch around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm. Our couch is fairly small, so I basically have to lay on top of him for us to both fit. (Also, it's important to note I am a light sleeper. Like, when J gets out of bed for water I wake up. Or when someone touches me I wake up.) J started to watch a show and I just completely passed out. J ended up falling asleep as well, but he woke up at midnight, moved me off of him, and went to bed. I on the other hand, did not wake up to a grown man removing himself from underneath me. In fact, I sleep until 4:00 in the morning, woke up, went to bed, and sleep for another 6 hours!!!!!


The next day I was laughing so hard at how funny it must have looked when I was just like, "I have to go" and immediately left lol!!!! Also, my mom (she is a nurse) and I were laughing and how freaking potent things are to me. I swear my body like can not handle ANYTHING! I took 4 Tylenol PM (accidentally) one time at work and it was not quite as bad as this flavor tablet, but it was bad. People were trying to have conversations with me and I couldn't focus on anything they were saying. On the drive home when cars passed me going my same direction, it made me jump like someone had just scared me from behind a door!!

I guess the moral of the story is that whatever the normal potency is for people, I need to take like 25% of that and it will work just fine hahahahah.

- - - - -

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Happy List: 151

Driving by a movie theatre when the billboard titles were getting changed.
Officially going to Harry Potter world with my family in October!
J sticking up for me and getting me out of a stressful situation.
Trying wings for the first time. I only really liked BBQ.
Making a new photography friend who is my age.
Reaching pre-training week 3 in BBG.
Finding/shadowing an internship.
The crack pie from Momfuku.
Seeing Split in theaters.
Madison, Connecticut.

My first day of school is tomorrow! Wish me luck!

- - - - -

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Valentine's Gift Guide For Men

WHY ARE MEN THE WORST TO SHOP FOR! I feel like anything and everything they want is like $1,000 lol. #worst. Anyway, I really like making these collages now lol. I couldn't find any number graphics so I had to make these myself, but I think they turned out ok.

One / J is probably so sick of getting ties, but they are such an easy gift and look so good lol. I swear guys wearing suits look literally 3x better than they normally do. What's the girl equivalent for that? Make up maybe?

Two / I just got J this sushi roller and it is AMAZING. He loves making sushi but it's so hard to roll it and make it look good. This opens up and you load it up with your rice and fillings, close, and then push it out like a push pop. Then you can lie to everyone and say you rolled the sushi on your own and they will think you are a chef.

Three / Lovely Beards sent us some organic beard oil the other day and I love it! It would especially be nice if your guy has like a beard beard. It just smells nice. I feel like it's the Moroccan oil for beards haha. PLUS THAT PACKAGING. #typographygoals

Four / J NEEDS more sweats agh. Sweats are hard for me to buy because I feel like they are a waste of money? But they are so important to have lol. Primark is gold as always for stuff like this. I will honestly be so sad when/if we don't live near a by a Primark.

Five / I found the coolest motorcycle jackets on BikeBandit.com. I feel like half the fun of having a motorcycle is looking fine AF when you ride it. Like if you're just going to wear noob clothes what's the point? LEATHER IT UP.

Six / OK I HAD TO ADD THIS FOR MYSELF I'M SORRY. They had such cute motorcycle jackets for women and my goal is to be a hot biker chick so ya know.

Seven / J also has this natural beard balm and it's like a pomade for his beard. Also very beautiful packaging.

Eight / Does walking barefoot in the house gross anyone else out? Ugh nothing is worse than getting a little crumb or something on your bare foot. *cringes* J has some slippers we got in Japan, but they are pilling on the inside which is just as gross and walking barefoot IMO. So he def could use a new pair.

Nine / I got J this beard kit for Christmas and his beard game has been ON POINT with this plus the oil and balm. #beardgoals

- - - - -

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Best Indie Films On Netflix: January 2017

If I start posting about movies I have watched we have 2 rules:
1. Don't judge my taste. (It's very... specific.)
2. Look up the parent's guide on IMDB before you decide to watch them.

The Fundamentals of Caring:
This has Paul Rudd, which means it is destined for greatness. He takes care of a British teenager with MS and they embark on a road trip (where they pick up Selena Gomez!) to a giant it. It was so good. Like, so good. This is the indie movie that sparked my obsessed with indie movies and led to me watching all the rest of these in a week. If you watch none of these, watch this one.

This is about a therapist who is attacked by a patient, and then starts seeing a new patient who is a severely deformed man. It was ok. It definitely surprised me at the end, which was nice. It was a nice little horror/thriller to have on in the background.

Tiny Furniture:
This is about a new graduate who moves back home while figuring out what to do with her life. It's Lena Dunham. I thought I would love it, but TBH I hated it? Like it just seemed so unempowering to women and I don't feel like the conflicts were ever resolved. I also felt like the character relationships were to weird to be believable (plz tell me these are not realistic). It had some good one liners, though.

Pulp Fiction:
I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T SEEN THIS UNTIL NOW. At my old job my manager called me The Wolf and now I understand the reference. Anyway, I thought this was so good and quirky and funny. It's about 2 gangsters and their antics? I honestly got kind of lost with the jumping around but seeing John Travolta in that end scene was my favorite.

EWAN MCGREGOR BE STILL MY HEART! After his mom dies, his dad announces he is gay and wants to explore that side of himself. Then his dad dies as well. It sort of flashes back and forth.
My favorite thing about this was the dog, Arthur. Such respect! Also I identified a lot with the drawings Ewan does of things people say to him. I used to do the same thing when I was in high school to help with anxiety.

Burn, Burn, Burn:
This is about two girls who's friend dies of cancer. He sends them on a road trip to scatter his ashes. It's not the best, but it's a nice little background movie. I did like the way the friend reacted to finding out he had cancer.

Short Term 12:
This is about a girl who works at a rehab center for teenagers. It was SO GOOD. Rami Malek makes an appearance and it's so fun to see him in something that isn't Mr. Robot. I feel like I identified with this a lot from my time working in a rehab center.

I didn't think I would like this because it's about an older woman who is searching for the son she gave up for adoption, but I actually really did. It gives a good glimpse into the darker side of religious institutions and the things people do in the name of God.

OH MY GOSH. MY OVARIES YOU GUYS. First of all, Ellen Page. Gold, always. Second of all, I loved almost everything about this. The turtle side story?! SO FUNNY. That's totally my humor. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, I wish it was more concrete.

A Girl Like Her:
You will all judge me for this but I liked it haha. It was a unique perspective to bullying and made it feel more "real" the way it was filmed.

Other People:
This mainly was good for me because it had Todd from Breaking Bad, but he wasn't a psychopath. It also has a lil' cameo of Gabe from The Office. Go Gabe!!! It had some dark humor, which I like.

The Invitation:
UGH. This had so much potential. So much. I just really wish it would have ended differently, but it was still worth a watch because it's creepy AF.

- - - - -

Have you guys seen any of these? Also what are your favorite indie films on Netflix right now? I feel like it takes me forever to find ones that look good haha.

- - - - -

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Happy List: 150

Saving $500 by renting my textbooks instead of buying them.
People have been so nice helping me navigate NYU things.
Finding SO. MANY. GOOD. INDIE. FILMS. on Netflix. 
My nieces troll party lol. She had these cute macarons.
Finishing 2 of my Amelie watercolor paintings.
Going to a dinner party with friends.
Getting plants for our apartment.
Keeping a dream journal again.
IKEA's new chocolate bars.

- - - - -

I was complaining to my mom about how our apartment is not homey and has like one decoration. She was telling me it was decorated and cute, so I responded with 9 pictures of blank walls in our house. The next day we were talking on the phone and she was like, "Em??? Sounds like you're echoing?! You must not have anything on your walls!!!"

Not gonna lie, this week has been hard. I feel like a dog in a kennel most days. It will be good to get an internship and go back to school! Stay at home life is NOT for me haha.

- - - - -

Friday, January 13, 2017

Living in Squalor

Am I the only one who feels like it takes LITERALLY FOREVER to like, fully decorate? We still sleep on a mattress on the floor and we've lived here like 5 months lol. Lately I have really been feeling it with our white walls situation. Like I just want $2,000 to finish decorating our apartment, is that too much to ask?!

We did get some plants yesterday that I'll photograph today and post on Monday. They are p cute and actually add a lot more than I thought they would. (The beginnings of a crazy plant lady, probably. I am my mother.)

Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys that the cutest boutique, Evy's Tree, is having a 40% off sale starting today! These cute lil' joggers are from them and I have literally worn them every day for the past week. #workfromhomeperks Wait, I'm not working from home anymore, I'm just at home?? WEIRD.

Go get yourself some goodies!! My favorites are this, this, and this.

- - - - -

P.S. J's face in this photo is sooo good hahahahaahhaa. I am dyinggggg

Thursday, January 12, 2017



We are so mad because we straight up KNEW this guy was sketchy, but we just didn't listen to our guts UGH.

Ok so I'll try to make this not a TL;DR, but also there are a lot of details I want to remember haha.

Ok, so it was like 9:30 on Friday night. We had just picked up some donuts and were headed home to watch Ryan Gosling movies (so I could prove to J that La La Land was not his strongest role) when J got a text. This was literally how the conversation went:

R (rando): Still have your PS4
J: Yes
R: Can you meet
J: When?
R: Today
J: Where?
R: Meet me in Norwalk
J: Ok we will be there in about half an hour

So we started driving to Norwalk which is a 30 minute drive for us. About halfway this dude says, "How much." J gave him the price and the guy basically said he wouldn't pay it because it wasn't in a box. We pulled over and were so annoyed because we had already spent 30 minutes packing everything up and starting our drive. We assumed at this point we were talking with like, a 16 year old boy or something. So, J sent him a text basically saying, "You won't find a better deal, I have looked. It's bad taste to get someone driving to meet you and then try to barter price. Are you ready to get serious?"

The kid said, "Nah." So we prepared to start the drive home. Then, J got a text that said, "F*** it, $260." We looked at each other are were like, "Hmmmmm?!?!" We debated for several minutes whether or not to go through with it.

- J could get his computer graphics card sooner.
- We had already taken like 30 minutes out of our night to do this and felt like we should just finish it.

- He was maybe not going to be there and would just LOL at pranking some dumb adults.
- We would waste more time.

So, we decided to go through with it and kept driving to Norwalk. The whole way there we were CONVINCED that there wasn't going to be anyone there and that this kid was pranking us. We texted him, "What kind of car are you in?" He said, "Ford." We said, "What color?" He never texted us back. Like we were CONVINCED it was going to be an angry teenager prank, you guys. CONVINCED.

So, imagine our surprise when we pulled into the Walgreens parking lot AND SAW A FORD!!! We pulled up next to him, J got out, he got out, they made the trade, and J got back in the car with $260 cash in his hand.

We were giggling and experiencing such a rush. J was like, "He seemed nervous I was trying to scam him! Ha! He was like, "Dude are you sure this is going to work?!" He probably thought we were going to prank him! Imagine that!" We drive the 30 minutes home with just like, the ultimate high that comes after living through a near death scenario. (Remember this was taking place at 10:30 at night and they had just gotten into a kind of text-fight lol.)

We arrived home, parked, and walked into our apartment. J pulled out the money and was like, "I HAVE to double check." He laid the 20s next to his 20 and just immediately put his hands to his head and said, "It's fake."

"We just got scammed." 

"All this money is fake."

I am a genius and was like, "Maybe it's just an older bill??" J said, "No, it's money. The government doesn't make mistakes with money. It's all the same. We got scammed."

If you know me IRL, you know I am a little hot headed. Like, I do NOT have much chill in situations like this. I don't get angry necessarily, like I was laughing the whole time, but I just take things as far as I can so I can feel like I put in 100% effort. So, J started researching counterfeit money and I called Walgreens: They couldn't see the license plate because of a "glare". (My mother and I both agree that the Walgreen's manager was in on it. (Not really, but let me have fun with this ok?!)) Then we called the police station in Norwalk: No one answered. I called a different number and choose a different option, and the chick who answered told me to go into the Norwalk police station to file the complaint.

At this point it was like 11:30pm. We are usually sleeping at this time lol, but we hopped back in our car and drove the 30 minutes BACK to Norwalk to file our complaint. 


So, we walked into the police station at midnight. We told the guy at the front desk what happened to us and immediately realized he was the type of person who answered questions in paragraphs, not sentences. We handed him the counterfeit money and he LITERALLY spent 4-5 minutes looking at the bills and saying, "Amazing!" "I have never seen these before!" "I'm no bill expert!"

ONE HOUR LATER. (Like I can't even tell you what happened in that hour because it was all meaningless fluff and rambling.) He told us that ALL THE COPS WERE GONE because the power was out and they were having break ins. He had already started filing our complaint so he told us to take a seat and wait for some of the cops to get back. 


So, we went back into our car and waited for a few minutes. Then J went back inside and told the cop that we would just come back. The cop GAVE US BACK the counterfeit money lol and we left.

We ended up going back on Monday. While we were waiting all the cops were making fun of the complaint the first cop had started to fill out. I guess he did like everything wrong haha. He was probably a volunteer or something?! Who knows.

We met with a different cop who was immediately like, "How could you not tell this was fake??" LOL. We felt slightly dumb. But, he filed the complaint, took the counterfeit money and that was that! 

All in all, like it sucked to be scammed but now we know to trust our gut ALWAYS!! That was the most annoying thing about the whole ordeal, for us. Like we knew it was sketchy but we did it anyway. UGH! Hey at least we know how to spot counterfeit money from now on lol.

- - - - -

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Picnic

So growing up in Utah, the snow NEVER stopped real life. Like, I remember driving to school in freaking blizzards and sliding alllll over the place. But, out here on the east coast snow is like, a big deal apparently. We got a few inches over the weekend and when Sunday rolled around... church? CANCELLED! 

You guys, I have literally waited 23 years for a snow day.

So, we brewed some cocoa, grabbed some leftover Christmas candy, and headed to our nearest state park for a lil' car picnic.

J got me a thermos for my birthday and I am soooo excited to have many more car picnics in the future! Sometimes it's just nice to get out of the house lol, even if it's not for anything big.

I have been obsessed with these mugs ever since we got them last winter. They are camp-y but still super cute.

I have been wearing these socks daily. I literally almost got an extra pair for a giveaway for you guys, but then I felt like I needed a reason to do a giveaway? If you think it would be worth my time and energy to do one, then drop a comment and let me know.

Anyway! I'm excited for future car picnics! I wish the sun wasn't literally set by the time J gets home from work so we could do them during the week lol. But, alas.

- - - - -

Monday, January 9, 2017

A Happy List: 149

We drove into our building, parked, got our stuff, and walked to the door. Then realized we were on the wrong floor lol.
J surprised me with a donut cake and presents and sang happy birthday (since the Tokyo birthday was  sad lol).
The guy who wrote the "Utah: Lifestyle Porn Capitol" had a website crash because of all the traffic lol.
Our vacuum roller had a ton of hair in it. So I took the whole thing apart and fixed that ish BY MYSELF.
We were watching Four Christmases and J though Kristin Chenoweth was Mindy Khaling in makeup. 
The new snickerdoodle hot chocolate at Starbuck's.
Visiting the non-NYC campus of NYU.
Our winter picnic in the car.
Getting so much snow!
Getting gold flatware.

- - - - -

J: "Whoever designed Connecticut was an idiot." (The roads and freeways here are twisty and weird lol.)

J was overclocking his computer. I was sitting on his lap and saying hello and he said, "If you're not careful, you might get overclocked too." 

J telling me why he likes corgis: "They're short, but portly."

I was asking J what he likes to do for fun. He was telling me about how much he loves go carts and said, "I would like, verbally smile."

- - - - -

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tokyo Souvenirs

Neither me or J are big "souvenir" people. Like, I wouldn't say we are minimalists, but probably 90% of the things we own are things we use often. So we really didn't get a ton of "Japanese" looking souvenirs since they would have just sat in a closet lol. But we did get some fun stuff! I figure it will all probably be thrown away in a year or two lol so I wanted to document it here.

Ok so all of the above is candy. We actually haven't tried much of it yet lol. I don't really know what we are waiting for? But those strawberry koalas are SO GOOD. They sell them in the United States too and they taste pretty much the same haha. (For all you Utah people, there is a store called Pirate O's that has tons of candy and stuff from all over the world. It's very cool.)

From top to bottom:

Cat and panda stationary: HOW CUTE ARE THESE! I don't know what I am going to do with them, but I want it to be something really cool because they are too cute to ever be thrown away.

Towels: So the one on the left I use as a face towel when I wash my face. It can be used as a bunch of of different things. And then the one on the right (HEDGEHOGS HOW CUTE!!!) is a tea towel for the kitchen.

Bath bomb: Ok I haven't used this yet because I'm saving it for a hard day haha. But I'm excited.

Pencil case: So far this is the only school supply I have and school starts in 2 weeks.

Chopstick blocks: I think you set your chopsticks on these while you are eating? Not 100% sure. J wanted these haha.

Outlet covers: HOW CUTE ARE THESE!! I got these for when we have kids and need to plug the outlets. 

Sticky note page tabs: Ok, so I guess these are also school supplies. They are like little sticky note tabs that you can use to mark a page in a text book. 


I also a got a really cute plaid scarf that I didn't photograph, but it's very cute and I will remember it for the rest of my life. We got some chopsticks that we will also have forever. J got us a pair of engraved chopsticks to keep nice and non-used, and then we got a bunch that we will actually use. 

Anyway! I think we did good on the souvenir front!

- - - - -

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tokyo: Part IV

Thursday was our last full day in Tokyo, and also my last day eating meat lol. So, naturally we started the day with a McDonald's hamburger. I will miss those babies.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tokyo Disneyland

Ok, if you know me 90% you know that I am NOT a Disneyland person lol. I literally feel like I have to explain why so you guys don't hate me.
  • I don't really enjoy animated movies, so I think that's a big part of it.
  • I don't remember watching any Disney movies growing up. My mom is pretty granola (when she reads this she will say, "I am not!!!" and we usually didn't have T.V. (I LOVE this in hindsight and am planning on not having T.V. when we have babes, side note.) When I did watch T.V. it was usually Power Rangers, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network. Like make a theme park about Courage the Cowardly Dog and I'll be there for sure.
  • I don't like theme parks.
    •  I don't like being hot. Like I can't handle it. 
    •  I get motion sickness really easy. Or at least I did as a kid.
    •  When I was 11 we moved from Vernal, Utah to American Fork, Utah. This meant we were like 3 hours closer to the "big theme park" and we went like 80 times I swear. It was always hot and we always ate weird food and there were always weird people and I always got motion sickness and I just HATED it. Like so much. I haven't been to Lagoon since lol. 
  • I don't like waiting in long lines.
  • I am stubborn AF and people are ALWAYS trying to convince me to do ish I don't want to do. "They'll be like, "Come on, Em! It's not that big of a deal!" And I'll be like, "No." And they think for some reason that if they keep badgering me I will be like, "Alright!!" But it never happens because like I said, I am very, very stubborn. So I also don't like theme parks because I hate this exchange and think it's very annoying. Like let me live my life and you live yours, ya know?
So, that is why I am not a Disneyland person. And that is important to know before reading this post.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tokyo: Part II

Monday was my Japanese birthday! I was still technically 22 in the states, but it was the 19th in Japan so we celebrated. The sunrise from our hotel window was so. pretty. omg.

I want to have a house one day that has some sort of cool view so I can see a sunrise every morning <3.

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Happy List: 148


Learning about Snowden haha. I should know this by now, but seriously such a cool story.
Fitting into an xs small dress for the first time in my life. My smaller boobs are amazing.
Discovering there are Australian shepherds that look like Bernese Mountain dogs.
Making some IRL friends! They are photography friends too yay!
Doing 1 week of BBG without cutting corners or skipping things.
Seeing an old guy at the mall pound on chest like a Gorilla.
Sitting in a steamy bathroom while the shower is running.
Eating Marshmallow Santas, my favorite food.
Lemonade Vitamin Water heated up omg <3
The red sauce from Panda Express.

- - - - -

My mom: "So you got fired twice by the same people?!"

I was wearing stripes and J said, "Oh! Cute stripes! I'm gonna call you stripes!"
Me a few seconds later: "UGH! Our duvet is so uneven it's freaking irritating."
J quietly: "Sorry stripes."

J: "You're my sick little bb."
Then, a few seconds later: "Would it be hot for you if I was like, a male nurse?"

J pranked me. He and I were walking to the gym and I was telling him about photography business ideas. After a minute of talking he motioned to his earphones like he couldn't hear me and for a second I was so appalled until he bust up laughing haha.

- - - - -