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Utah Trip!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gosh I am so bad about posting trips quickly after they happen haha, but alas! Here I am! This trip happened Oct 30-Nov 6 (for my personal record in the future). 

The whole reason I went to Utah was for my sister's 30th birthday party.


I had THE BEST breakfast with my mom at her work. It was an asiago cheese bagel sandwich! It was so good because the lady like buttered the bagel and grilled it. Ah idk. I just still think about. It was seriously the best thing.

After my mom got off work we headed over to my sister's house to go trick-or-treating with the bbs! We stopped at Sweet Tooth Fairy on the way and got these delish cake bites.

I also made my mom stop at Cupbop so I could get my Doochi Bop lol. I was kind of sad though because they only put like 4 pieces of tofu in it :( And the tofu is the best part!

My niece was the cute bunny from Zootopia! She was very obsessed with me for the first few days and requested that we took this picture.

It's crazy how different the roads are across America! I feel like Utah roads are really empty with the mountains always in sight. It was fun to see them from a visitor's point of view.


I went to lunch with my friend Katherine! We ate at Aubergine and Company because I am OBSESSED with these little cheese rolls. Mmmmmm. I only use the tomato soup as a dip lol.

This is the view from my mom's neighborhood!


I obviously was very, very excited to be reunited with my one true love: Beans and Brews. So naturally I got it EVER. SINGLE. MORNING. Racked up those points! Also please observe my nails in this photo because I have been growing them out. They keep breaking but oh well.

Our friends opened a salon on Main Street in American Fork. Look how cute it is!

I got a trim and some lighter brown added in, although you can't really tell in this photo because of the editing.

I went to an early dinner with my friends Leah and Riley. We tried this new place called Around Eatery and it was pretty good! I found a hair in my salad lol, but up until that point it was a really good salad. They also have this ramen burger that Leah tried! If I ate meat I would be soooo interested to see what that tastes like. 

That night, my mom and I went to The Ridge in Suncrest. They had this cheese fondue there that I was SO EXCITED to have again. Like, talked about it a lot before the trip, and thought about it on the airplane. Well, we got there and THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT ANYMORE. The guys was like, "Oh weird, you must have come right when we were experimenting with it." So naturally we left as soon as he turned his back. 

I was very disappointed. 

We dined, instead, at 180 Tacos. I forgot to take a picture of my tacos but I ate both of them, as well as all of these malasadas which is like twice as much as I usually eat lol. When in Rome!

Does anyone know who does the art at 180 Tacos? 

We got treats at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which I worked at last summer lol. I got this pretzel stick, but unfortunately didn't eat a lot of it because I was so full the whole trip. We also walked around the Riverwoods and discovered that Victoria's Secret carries BYU collegiate apparel!


Once again, the mountains!

Trixie and I went to Beans and Brews for breakfast. I was hoping they would give her a pup treat, but they did not :(

This is my favorite road to drive on in Utah. It's the road you take getting off the freeway into American Fork canyon.

My mom still has Skully! It's a mean, feral cat that just eats our food and runs away lol. I tried to domesticate it for like a year and it became a little less skittish, but still wouldn't let me touch it. :(

I went to Guru's with Katherine for lunch. She had never been there!! Can you believe it?! Anyway, I got a large order of fries, and let me tell you, it was LARGE. 

My mom and I went to dinner at Bombay House. I have yet to find a coconut curry dish in the northeast that rivals the coconut curry dish at Bombay House! 

For dessert we met up with my sister's family at Waffle Love! My mom and I had like 2 bites of this waffle because we were both so full lol. Also I felt like it kind of tasted like cleaner? Idk. But the best waffle there is the one with biscoff and strawberries.

When you're the third child and you're over it lol.

That sunset tho.


Friday morning we picked my brother, his girlfriend, and my grandma up from the airport! We had breakfast at Eva Bakery. I set this shot up on self timer while they had no idea what was going on, and then ran back and was like "5 SECONDS UNTIL THE PHOTO!" And I have to say, we did pretty well at looking natural.

That feeling you get when you killed it at self timer lol.

I got the avocado toast and it was SO GOOD. Those heirloom tomatoes were perfect! My brother and his girlfriend were so offended by our waitress haha. They are in the restaurant biz so they were telling us all the things she was doing wrong and it was so funny! Like she definitely wasn't the friendliest, but other that I wouldn't have noticed. 

Salt Lake is so pretty! I love cities haha. I wish there was a way to live in a city but also have a car  and back yard and enough money to afford life.

We went to Starbuck's to my grandma her mocha and I met this cute old guy! I chatted with him about his little dog and learned that they often go to Starbuck's together and he rescued her. #socute #goals

We went and walked around the visitor center at Temple Square. They have this really tall statue of Jesus that is p cool! Also galaxy walls that I want to have in my home.

Does anyone know the back story to this installation piece Salt Lake? I am a fan. 

We couldn't leave Salt Lake without stopping at Ruby Snap! Those cookies are srsly bae. 

I got the one with coconut and chocolate chips (I'm forgetting the name) and I also got some of the cookie dough to compare it to. I think the cookies from the store are better, but the cookie dough cookies are actually super close! And you can get them at Harmon's if you don't want to make the trek to SLC. 

The mountains, once again. 

My sister's birthday party was on Saturday. The original plan was to not let her know the rest of the family was in town until at the party on Saturday. However, we decided to optimize our time together and surprise her with them on Friday night! I think she may have known they were coming.... lol.

We went to dinner at Tsunami and I got the Sean Connery! The last time I got it it had these little crunchy fried onions on the top that were SO GOOD. But this past time it didn't have them :( 

Kids be cray!

They are v cute though.


We went to breakfast at Ivie Juice Bar which is my FAVORITE. I am still in search of an acai bowl on the east coast that rivals Ivie. 

The beach babe all the way! The girls accidentally brought us the wrong bowl, so we ended up with an extra beach babe lol. 

For dinner we did PF Changs. Not Utah specific, but still really yummy. I love their coconut tofu dish. 

You can't go to PF Chang's without splitting a great wall of China cake! 

Then we were off to the birthday party! This trip was my first time seeing my sister's new house, which was v fun. I love house tours. 

My sister and grandma!

My baby niece does the funniest faces.

This is what she does when she wants a drink.

The whole fam minus J and my grandma's husband!

Our last meal while on the way to the airport with my grandma and mom! 

It was a very fun trip! Idk when we will be back with my school schedule and J's limited time off, but whenever we are I'm sure everything will have changed again lol.

- - - - -


  1. Wow looks like so much fun! I have never tried Ruby Snap cookies, or like 99% of the restaurants mentioned above, but would love to try them all because all that food looks absolutely delicious. It's good you still get to come visit Utah even though you live on the other side of the country now! I just moved to Ogden and feel like I live so far away, haha. Ogden is like another country though.

  2. I love that Skully is still around!!!! That cat has so much attitude and I love it!!!

  3. Ok your grandma is seriously bae. Has she had work done? Or does she naturally have beautiful glowing skin??


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