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Friday, November 25, 2016


On Saturday we got our first real Christmas tree!!! I am very obsessed with it and don't know if we'll be going back to an artificial tree anytime soon.

I was torn between waiting for snow to get our Christmas tree, or putting it up at the regular time (the day after Halloween). I waited as long as I could, but then I had to get one! We went to Jone's Family Farm in Shelton, Connecticut. The drive through all the winding streets was #toocute. It's still pretty fall-y here. I think I missed the best week of fall when I was in Utah but hey, what can you do.

I will forever be obsessed with New England style homes. They are so cozy and charming.

This is one of my favorite roads to drive down in Connecticut! Second to the Merritt Parkway, probably.

We were planning on cutting our own Christmas tree (because ultimate control) but I still am not allowed to lift more than 5 pounds from my breast reduction surgery. So we decided to save that adventure for next year!

We picked a pre-cut tree and had the nice employee help us load it up. I thought they were heavier than they really are? Lol.

HOW CUTE IS THIS SANTA CORGI!?!? J wants a corgi sooooo badly, but I don't know if I could handle the shedding.

The Christmas tree farm was up on the hill. It had some really pretty views of Connecticut, which of course these pictures do 0 justice for. One of the things I miss about Utah is being able to go to lookout points and chill! We used to always go to the three story park in Cedar Hills and look out at the valley.

I think we are going to go back when it's snowy and do our Christmas photos with a tripod lol.


Another thing I love about Connecticut is all the little rock walls everywhere <3

I had high hopes for our Christmas pictures. One of them was us in this exact photo below, except I wanted there to be snow. I guess we will just have to wait and buy another Christmas tree! (Not lol.)

Can our first house look exactly like this? Thanks.

We got 5 Guys for dinner. (What else is new.)

Us + bae first real Christmas tree = a good life. (Santa is bringing me a photography light, so I'm hoping our indoor pictures together will improve 100%. Wish me luck!)

Now I just need to remember to water the tree every day and we'll be good! I already forgot yesterday and it was COMPLETELY out of water. Is that bad? Does that mean the little water holes are going to close up and we'll have to recut the bottom of the tree? Because those pinecones were very hard to get to stay and I would not like to deal with them again lol.

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  1. These photos are sooo beautiful! I really miss the fall time in New England. Everything is just prettier there in the fall :)
    Charlotte Luisa | bycharlotteluisa.com


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