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New England In The Fall

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hiiiiiiii. Now that I life has settled down a little bit I have had time to sort through all my junk and found I never posted this?!? *GASP* THE HORROR!!!!

A few weeks ago, we went to New Haven for the first time. (Well does Ikea count?! So maybe third.) New Haven is like, notorious for being sooo dangerous hahaha. But, they also have some pretty cute little places so we decided to risk our lives for some bagel sandwiches. Driving through the fall foliage was soooo pretty. At this time it was green mixed with orange and yellow. 

We had breakfast at East Rock Coffee which was 100% more cute than I thought it would be. It was just wee and cozy and basically left me waiting for someone to make my life into a movie.

Like look at these cool collage boxes?!?! Taking collage art to a wholeeeeee new level here. 

OK ALSO. I can't remember what book it was, but I once read some YA fiction book and they had these things called "scribble books" at the coffee shop the kids frequented. I feel like there was something important in one of the books that led them to a clue? Idk! 

But basically I was SO. HAPPY. TO. FIND. THESE. COMMUNITY. SKETCHBOOKS. I loveeeeeee stuff likes this so much! I naturally left my mark (didn't get a pic but you can see it in the video I made at the bottom of this post!) and so did J.

The bagel sandwiches were delicious! They served them with some yummy potatoes that has since inspired J to learn how to make breakfast potatoes and I am NOT complaining.

We then tried to drive to the top of this lookout, but it turned out to be a hike so we explored elsewhere lol.

We needed up finding this really pretty pond. Also of note, we saw THREE DOGS while we were there. And yes, they were all beautiful and magical and everything the world needs.

I brought my little Polaroid Snap along and got the best picture I have ever taken before on it. (Pictured below.)

Do you guys like my outfit? The shirt was $7 at Primark and the pants were like $10! Primark FTW always and forever.


We then walked around a little bit and it was so pretty! The trees were letting the sun peak through just a little bit and I was like, "Okay!!!!" I'm not a big hiker, but it the ground is level and the nature is pretty, I'll take it!

We kept finding these weird little shelters haha. Anyone have any idea what they are?!

OMG I miss J's long hair ahhhhhh. He needs to grow it back out ASAP.

We picked up some donuts from Heavenly Donuts and feasted at home while watching The Office.

We went and got a pumpkin to carve. J is so nice and carved out all the icky-ness in the inside so I wouldn't have to. #truelove. Then I made what I thought was a joke pumpkin but actually has a whole new meaning now.... Yikes! See it here. Lol.

All in all, it was a nice little fall weekend!! 

- - - - -

P.S. Here is the link to the video I made from this same weekend! Doing video and photo at the same time is hard lol.


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