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Halloween Things

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This was our first official Halloween together? Well actually not really because I was in Utah for actual Halloween, but this was our first Halloween party just the two of us.

We started the day at the cutest little cottage Starbuck's. Let me find you a pic. HOW CUTE IS THIS

J really wanted to go to a corn maze and kind of found one only it was meant for babies. It was fun to walk around though. One thing I'm realizing about the northeast is it is definitely colder than the west coast. Like I didn't wear wool tights with my dress when we went and I was a popsicle pretty much. Also, I kind of wanted a picture of us in a Halloween-ish area, but I didn't want to interrupt the moment to take a photo. Do you ever do that? I feel like I never take photos because I feel like it ruins the moment or is. rude, but then after it's over I regret not having a photo! Gahhh the struggle is real.

We found this park called Indian Well State park and it was so pretty and fall-ish! Perf for the aforementioned Halloween-y photos lol. I had high hopes for my costume this year, but since we were going to be apart on actual Halloween it kind of diminished. Then I found this website through a ad on my Facebook and ended up getting J, Trixie, and myself all matching costumes for like $35! #steal #deal 

I'm also pretty sure I already posted those, but I know for a fact I will come back and try to find them and if they weren't in this post I would be so confused.

J Jmade these cute mummy dogs! They were SO GOOD. Ugh I love hot dogs lol. When I used to eat meat (one week was all it was, really) J Dawgs in Utah was my fave. But these def get the job done! We had other little treats and watched Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

This movie has so many gems. Like Ernie and this dude below. Also the hunchback butler who keeps offering Harry food lol.

I'll have to get the Halloween pictures from my mom and share them here!

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  1. Wait, Jake cut his hair?? I thought his goal was Jesus statues? Kinda bummed lol

  2. I love your guys' skeleton outfits! They are awesome. Also those little sugar cookies are the best! I buy them all the time but never end up cooking them because I eat all the dough.

  3. It was so good!!! Lots of delicious food lol

  4. Ah I never tried the dough but I need to!


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