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A Happy List: 143

Monday, November 21, 2016

I put on a tight, spandex-y shirt and my boobs looked fine without a bra *tears of joy*
Finding a restaurant that will take our late Thanksgiving reservation
Finding cool new New England people to follow on IG
Getting invited to a Connecticut blogger's brunch
Investing in some quality Christmas string lights
The Connecticut jokes in American Housewife
Hanging the start of our gallery wall
The smell of real Christmas trees
Seeing a corgi dressed as Santa
Registering for classes

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people said this week:

Me: "You don't even love me! You just love your Gmail inbox!" *moves legs away from husband's legs*
Husband: "Em!!! Oh my gosh!!! You get back here into my leg crevasse! (Pronounced: cre-voss)"
*moves legs back to husband's legs* *pretzels legs*
Husband: "Your legs are in jail right now."

*laying in bed on Saturday morning*
Husband: *jerks up and says very seriously* "Ok. Have you been getting really sweaty at night? Cause I did last night. Bad."

My friend, Beverly asking about my breast reduction:
"What did they do with the leftovers?... Sorry if that's disrespectful."

- - - - -

2 comments on "A Happy List: 143"
  1. Haha I love Beverly's comment. And you're making me want to set up my Christmas tree ASAP!

  2. I literally lol'd at Beverly's comment


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