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A Happy List: 142

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sneak peek from a shoot I did while in Utah! Models are @kaitlynoelle and @sarah.rae.mayne! LOVE both of them.

(I'm recovering from my breast reduction surgery still, so I'll keep this short.)

Finding some Alpine-type neighborhoods to drive around in during Christmas!
Waking up after general anesthesia and having everything be over.
My nice mother-in-law who flew ASAP to come help me recover.
My boobs looking better than I thought they would.
We found the yummiest vegan cafe in Westport!
How nice all the nurses were after my surgery.
Bath and Body Work's sale on aromatherapy.
How into Harry Potter J is right now.
Veggie BLT's.

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  1. Oh my gosh, your MIL is so sweet. Glad you're getting some help around the house during recovery. I walked funny for like 2 weeks straight after having Gwen (stitches), and it was nice to have other people wait on me lol. i'm actually excited for family to come again for this baby and take care of me, ha!
    Hope you heal fast <3


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