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A Happy List: 141

Monday, November 7, 2016

I usually don't post the same pictures that are on my blog on my Instagram and vice versa, but then I realized that maybe Instagram will not be a thing and I will lose all those photos? So I have now decided to start posting pictures on both platforms if I really like them haha.
My grandma chewing gum, pacing around, while wearing black and having her hand on her black leather purse. It was the sassiest/cutest thing and she didn't even realize she was doing it lol.
Getting a peek at the birthday gift my mom gave me because it was liquid and was in my carry on.
Finding a cute neighborhood in the suburbs of Boston. Hoping to move there in a few years!
All the LOL moments I had with my mom while visiting her in Utah this past week.
The asiago cheese bagel sandwiches at the American Fork Hospital.
The kissy face my niece does when she wants a drink.
Officially scheduling my breast reduction surgery.
Finding doggy aspirin to help Trixie's arthritis.
Harmon's cute dog cookies. (Pictured above.)
The welcome home candle J got me.

- - - - -

We were talking about how Bath and Body Works sends so many emails. My mom said, "Someone cares about me and it's Bath and Body Works!"


  1. Such a cute photo of you and Trixie. Excited about your new and improved boobs. I mean, you're beautiful with the ones you got, but life seems like it'll be hella easier with smaller ones... after the recovery, of course.


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