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Boston For A Day!

Friday, October 7, 2016

So, one of the biggest reasons we moved out of New York City is because we wanted a car to explore more of the east coast! New York is great and everything, but it is extremely limiting to live there unless you have money to rent a car (which we didn't). 

A few weeks after we moved to Connecticut I went on a little day trip to visit my friend Hailey in Boston! She goes to Harvard and is just an AMAZING person. We went to high school together and it's so nice to have a friend from home out here in the northeast with me, even if she is 2 hours away!

Our apartment complex is right by a river and it's always so foggy in the mornings. I love it!

I love the drives here! All of the highway are 2 or 3 lanes and lined with trees. Utah has one freeway that goes down the middle, so you basically just get on and take one exit. Here there are a bunch of different exits that lead to other freeways. It's definitely more confusing, but it also is a little bit more interesting when making long drives.

I brought my lil Polaroid Snap along on this trip and took lots of cutie pictures. I love the personality film has. It feel so authentic and genuine to me. 

The first thing we did was tour Harvard! Can you spy a baby Hailey in the photo below? Lol.

The Harvard library was SO beautiful. 

Then we went to Faneuil Hall! I love how clean Boston is. I want to go back in the winter when it's all cute and snowy. (It snows there, right?)

We walked through Quincy Market and I spent $10 at a chocolate shop because it was cash only and the card minimum was $20. It was delicious chocolate though. Quincy Market felt like a Pike's Place market type thing and I loveeeeee those.

We then walked around some parks that I can't remember the name of. But one was by the aquarium and super pretty! While we were there we met a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and it's for sure the dog  I want to get when we get a house. It was SO NICE AND BEAUTIFUL! Ughhhhhhh dogs

Also I love this picture of Hailey so much. <3

The one park we went to had these little vine covered walkways that were so beautiful. This was where we met the Swiss Mountain Dog lol.

We went to a vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge for dinner and I tried goji (goja????) berries for the first time. It was with granola in soy milk and was SO GOOD. 

Ok embarrassing story. So, the place I parked at was cash only. I was short like $3. It was around 8:00 at this point. So, I found an ATM a few blocks away, walked there, tried to open the door and found it was locked. I called J panicking that all the banks were closed, and he told me to find an ATM outside of a bank. So, after like 10 minutes of panicking, I figured out you swipe your card to get into the building area with the ATM. So, I went in, I swiped my card, and it just spit out a receipt. I thought maybe I chose the wrong option so I did this a few more times and it still didn't give me any money. So, I walk out to try to find another ATM. It's was now like 8:30 and there were homeless people and it was dark and I was scared and just wanted to be in my car on my way home. So, finally I found another ATM inside of a bank where I could swipe my card and get in. I went in and there were 3 ATMs. I swiped my card at the first one and it did the same thing as the other one. I started FREAKING OUT and called J almost crying and so frustrated and scared. I went to the second ATM and it did the same thing. I started tearing up! J told me to try a different card, so I reached in my wallet and realized I HAD BEEN TRYING TO WITHDRAW USING MY FREAKING CREDIT CARD!!!! UGHHHHH

I am an idiot.

We use our cards for everything for the sky miles so I guess I got in the habit but I mean, REALLY!! The worst haha. I'm glad no one was there to see me in my panic though.

ANYWAY! Boston was really fun! I would definitely go back!

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  1. Ugh, I hate confusing parking stuff! And confusing adult things in general.


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