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Photo An Hour: Week 2

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

So I totally SUCK at photo an hour! But, I want to expand my creativity so I'm going to give this another try. Today I took one picture and forgot the rest of the day, but at least last week I made it through *kinda* half the day. Without further ado, the most interesting life of a girl who works from home and is without a car lol.

7:00 - Ok so I made some hot chocolate for J and myself, but I didn't make enough. So I had to make more an add it to my mug and LO AND BEHOLD MY FIRST ACCIDENTAL LATTE ART! Can't even believe it. Also, this is my galaxy mug. It's pure black, but the constellations light up when you add hot liquid lol. I am obsessed with it. You can buy it here

8:00 - Showered and ready for the day! I'm working on being in front of the camera and can definitely handle it better without eye contact lulz.

9:00 - Settled into work and watching Supernatural. It's been my binge watch show lately. Why do they dress Sam so horribly? I mean really!

10:00 - Took a small break to eat frosted mini wheats in the morning light. Frosted  mini wheats = bae. Probably in heaven every single mini wheat will be completely frosted, right? Also if I am ever a millionaire I will hire someone to sort through boxes of frosted mini wheats to make sure only the really frosted survive. #priorities


12:00 - So this is where things started to go downhill. Did you know that on Macs you can save files with "*" in the name, but if you send those files to a PC it won't show them? WELL. I didn't and neither did my coworkers. So this hour was v frustrating for us all and I couldn't really get creative with it.

1:00 - Then I was starving and we had no food (weirdly happens every day, no matter how often we grocery shop) so I ate a can of olives lol. 

3:00 - Took a break to do my hurrrrr. Also I wear this hoodie almost daily so don't judge. Christmas season is almost here!

4:00 - The view from our living room window. Can you tell I was at the end of caring about this?

Basically I sucked real bad at getting back into this, but I will try again! As much as I love travel posts and fashion posts and like, perfectly curated things on social media, it's cool to see the every day lives of people sometimes. When I read back on my blog the posts like this are the ones I like reading the most! 

Anyway! Wish me luck on next weeks!

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  1. I love these posts! I remember years ago a bunch of bloggers doing it and wanting to try it out! Also your bangs are growing so fast!!!

  2. Is it a total contradiction to wish someone would make a gluten-free frosted mini wheats? It's a favorite but I can't eat them anymore! :(

  3. never heard of 'photo an hour" Since when has this become a thing? I too like how it gives you a peak into the lives of others.

  4. Mostly Simple LifeJanuary 11, 2017 at 8:39 AM

    Fun project! I need to get better at taking more pictures, maybe I'll try it. Though it'd probably just be all pics of my dog.

  5. Your hair is awesome and your bangs!! I think I saw on instagram though that you cut them again?? It seriously took me forever to grow out my bangs. But either way you look great! The whole photo an hour thing sounds very challenging! It is interesting though to see people's day to day lives as opposed to just the cut outs of all the good stuff.

  6. Great visual content! Such a fun idea.

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

  7. Haha, this was so funny to read. I'm fairly certain if I did this that my pictures would just be of random household objects or my kids.

  8. Haha this was taken while I was still growing them out, and then I cut them again. I wish they grew faster!

  9. Haha totally not!!!!! I've toyed with the idea of trying a gluten-free diet because sometimes mini wheats make me sick but idk, maybe it's something else haha.

  10. Lol if I had my dog here mine would 100% be too.

  11. So I cut them in August, and above is how far they got, and then I cut them again. These photos were taken last week, and I took them this week! :) Growing out bangs is 100% the worst most painful annoying thing in the entire world UGH


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