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New York Trip: Day 7

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hi! So this day we went to Dean and Deluca for breakfast. I kept expecting to see Felicity Porter lulz. Also I haven't found very many places that have good hot chocolate in New York City, but Dean and Deluca does! 

The 9/11 museum was so good. It was so informative and just beautifully done. I would definitely recommend it for anyone visiting NYC. It's such an important part of our history, and I feel like the museum told a lot of stories that you might not hear anywhere else.

After the museum we went to eat at Smorgasburg. I think the one in Brooklyn has all the food I wanted to try but oh well haha.

It was seriously SO HOT outside. So, we booked an Uber and went to the Rockefeller Center.

We bought our tickets at a little kiosk in the building. When we got off the elevator, I was the last one out. As we were walking to security, a security guard came up to me and asked to see my ticket. I gave it to him. He looked at it for a second and then got on his walkie and said, "Security, we have a fake ticket. Please come escort this customer." I was like, "What?" And he just ignored me and said it again. My mom and grandma came back for me. He asked me what my name was and I told him and said, "But she bought the tickets!" and pointed to my grandma. He was like, "Gotcha! I'm just playing!" And then made me give him a high five hahahahaha. My mom and grandma were like, DYING that I just immediately pinned it on my grandma hahaha. #noloyalty

Afterwards we walked to Magnolia Bakery to get banana bread pudding. (Which I also need to find a copycat recipe for.)

For dinner we went to City Kitchen again. This time we all got fries because my mom and grandma were jealous of mine last time I got them.

We ended the night with souvenir shopping and gelato from Amorino. I was so mad beause this gelato was like $8 and looks NOTHING like the picture haha. I mean, look for yourself!

This was probably the second hottest day out of the whole trip! My mom and grandma are true troopers for coming out in the middle of the summer haha. I have made a vow to myself to never step foot in New York City between June and October. I do not handle heat well!

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