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New York Trip: Day 6

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Please enjoy this lovely, candid photo of me my mother took.

For breakfast we went to Pick A Bagel. I think O'Bagel has better bagels, but their black and white cookie is to. die. for. I think about it daily. I need to find a recipe that comes close!

After breakfast, we walked over to The Met.

Oh yeah also i cut my bangs while they were here because I wanted to stop looking like an idiot in all photos haha.

Here, children, is my mother stabbing me in front of the Bates Motel.

After The Met we took a bus to Levain to get cookies. I had a phone call that went a litle bit longer than I thought it would, so I missed their initial reaction to the cookies, but they did love them! We ate at Chop't for lunch and then went back to the Upper East Side where we hung at my apartment and chatted. 

We took a VIA to their hotel and got dinner with J although I can't remember where we ate. I ate a donut with a knife and my mother took this picture.

Then, we went to Fiddler on the Roof. Right when we left it started raining a little bit, and then started pouring SO HARD when we were like four minutes away. We were running and got SOAKED. 

I was signing "Traditionnnnnn!!!" for days after hah. There was someone near us in the play who was like whispering along with the lines and chuckling? It was really annoying and just like, obviously something to not do while in a public theatre. Also a man in front of us smelled SO STRONGLY of b.o.! Oh, and then there was a concession guy who had these thermoses, so I walked up to him and tried to buy hot chocolate. He was like, "I don't have hot chocolate." I was like, "What's in the thermos then?!" He was like, "Wine." I was thinking like how on earth wine in a thermos makes more sense than hot chocolate?! Ugh. Dreams crushed!

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