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New York Trip: Day 4

Friday, September 9, 2016

Guys this day was CRAZY. My mom wanted to go the the Statue of Liberty, and I agreed that I would only go if we went like super early to avoid the crowds. I told her I would meet her at their hotel at 8 so we could catch the ferry. Ok well for some reason when I woke up that morning I thought I had to leave my apartment at 8. So I was getting ready at 7:45 and then it hit me and I freaked out! I booked an Uber to take me right there and was like texting her telling her to book an Uber and meet me there haha. So finally after 45 minutes I arrived at Battery Park, but I still had to find my mom. I'm not kidding you when I say we went through security, got on the ferry, and it took off 2 minutes later! 

There were so many tourists holding up a thumb to the statue and taking a picture. Lol! What is that all about?!

We stopped at Ellis Island too so my mom could see where her grandparents came over from Italy. This was her first selfie! Does it count if someone else is in it? Idk.

When we got back to Manhattan, we ate lunch at Pret A Manger. Their green goddess wrap is SO GOOD. I am obsessed with pine nuts and avocados. We also tried their peach cobbler cookie which was A+.

We met up with my grandma at the 9/11 Memorial and walked around for a bit.

We walked over to Chelsea Market next! We stopped at Gansevoort Market too but decided to eat somewhere else.

So remember how I posted this picture on my Instagram? Well my mom thought I was literally with some naked guy lol! She was so creeped out by this statue that she couldn't even touch it.

It is so funny to watch people to try to get this piece in a square Instagram photo.

I literally can't remember what we did for dinner this night, but I know it was A+.

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