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New York Trip: Day 3

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hi! Day 3 yay! This was the day I got to eat my very favorite food in all of New York City: the pretzel croissant from City Bakery. (Side note, there is a bakery in Soho that says "Vesuvio Bakery" on the outside, but they do sell pretzel croissants! They said they are called "Bird Bath" and are like little City Bakery, but I'm like then whey does the sign say something else?!)

Also, I really don't like the hot chocolate here, but my grandma was OBSESSED with it haha. It was seriously the funnieset thing to see see her fangirl over something I hate so passionately. I'm glad someone liked it!

Can we all have marshmallow walls in our houses please?

Afterwards we walked around the Union Square Farmer's Market. My mom literally got fruit lol. I tried some maple candy that was delicious and we all drank some organic juice. I love farm fresh foods!

Also, while we were here there was this guy who was singing and dancing. A few days later we were at breakfast and my mom was like, "Do you guys see that guy? Take a long, hard look at him. You know him!" And so me and my grandma were like, trying to figure out where we were supposed to know him from. Then, my mom was like, "He was the guy who was singing and dancing at the market!" I was like, "100% NOT THE SAME GUY." The first guy was easily 20 years older and a completely different race lol.

After the market we walked to the Empire State building. We took a few breaks on the way there.

 One was at the flat iron building! My mom was like, "What is this building?" And I was like, "This is the building in your picture downstairs!" Hahaha. We already walked through Eataly but didn't get anything because we were still full. I did show them the most amazing Nutella Bar though.

It was a good time to go the the Empire State building. There really wasn't too long of a line. Like tell me how all the people in the movies get to the top so fast! Jeez Hollywood, way to construct lies!

Lol my mom's pose when I took a picture of her.

Three amigos! Just missing my sis!

OK LOOK AT THIS BIRD'S FOOT. My mom was making fun of me because I am 100% convinced they are a tourist attraction. Like, someone deformed their feet so they can't fly off of the building, that way everyone is like, "Oh look! This bird!" and takes 100 photos. I was talking to my mom and was like, "Oh look a bird! That's crazy it's just chillin' here. Oh wait look at it's foot! I bet it can't fly away. I bet the Empire State building did this to it on purpose so it will be here for tourists. I hate the Empire State building!" She was like, "Oh my gosh! You went there so fast! It's probably just natural!"

I don't buy it. There were too many deformities on too many birds...

Now I know where I get my sass from! We were trying to figure out where the World Trade Center memorial was. My mom kept talking out loud about it, so finally my grandma went and asked someone. As my grandma was asking the guy, my mom turns to me and said, "I'm glad she's asking so I'm not the one who looks dumb!"

After the Empire State building we went to Sweet Green for dinner. Their peach salad is SO. GOOD. It's like baby spinach, goat cheese, peaches, candied walnuts, and balsalmic I think? 

My mom and grandma's hotel was right next to Carlo's Bakery. We were like, "Oh, let's hop over and get some treats!" So we go in and there is a huge line. We thought it was just popular, we didn't understand the line was literallly NOT MOVING. So, like you order your food and then you stand in another line waiting for them to call your name to pick it up. So we literally waited like 45 minutes for 2 cupcakes and a brownie. AND THEY FORGOT THE BROWNIE!!! Anyway, we finally realized it was the Cake Boss bakery and were like "Duh." Haha. Like it was good, but I would never wait in that line again.

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