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Connecticut Staycation!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I apologize in advance for how photo heavy this post is going to be, but I really didn't feel like our staycation deserved a Day 1, Day 2, etc.

FRIDAY: We ate the best Indian food at Baingan in Shelton, Connecticut. It's our new Bombay House. 

Then we had a floor picnic because we're both weirdly obsessed with sitting on the floor in front of our couch. Also our carpet is the best because you can literally see if it's clean or dirty, and I love knowing that I'm not laying in filth lol.


We went on the hunt for apple cider donuts! Can you believe how beautiful and green it is everywhere?! I am obsessed.

Like look at this little heaven road we discovered!!!!

The apple cider donuts from Beardsley's were pretty good! They weren't like super sugary sweet, kinda more like a cinnamon sugar cake donut.


This is a lil' drink you can get if you don't like coffee but still want pumpkin spice something. Not as good, that's for sure lol. But weirdly delicious in it's own way.

People used to ALWAYS get these at the Starbuck's I worked at in American Fork, Utah. So I finally tried them and they were weirdly good? Like just bland enough that you can eat 50 million but flavorful enough they were a treat? Idk but buying a Madeline pan to make these at home ASAP.

We went to Washington, Connecticut next. I guess this is where that Gilmore Girls festival is going to be in October, but the tickets are like WAY expensive so I won't be going lol. I thought Washington was cute and all, but there are lots of other cute towns in Connecticut that I would recommend over it! I need to visit them more in depth to be completely sure though.

We ate lunch at G.W. Tavern. The view was so pretty!

These little breads were the perfect size and variety. I need a good cornbread recipe!

This is our little town!

We found this beach by our house (it's called Point Lookout E, Milford, Ct on Google Maps) and ended the night watching the sunset. 


After watching Gilmore Girls so much, I thought Hartford would have a bunch of mansion houses that would be fun to look at, so we made our way up there.

We walked around Riverside Park for a bit.

After that we had a bit of a crisis. Here's the thing with living somewhere totally random: It's hard to know what to do! Like, in Utah we had lived there for so long our list of "things to do" was pretty long. Like we were never in a situation where we had no idea what there was to do in Utah. And then I follow a bunch of people on social media who live in New York, or Califoria, or Washington, etc. I have a bunch of people I follow just beause they live somewhere cool lol.

So I have really extensive lists of things to do in a variety of places. But I haven't ever had a friend or a social media person who lives in New England, or specially Connecticut. So, it's like we are real adventurers here. Sometimes it sucks to set aside a day to go somewhere that turns out to not be cool, or to eat somewhere that turns out to be pretty gross, but when we do find gems it feels so good, because we know that WE found them, ya know?

ANYWAY. So we had a small crisis on where to eat for lunch. We finally decided to go to Corey's Catsup and Mustard and I was NOT happy about it. I was just being a pain and annoying, but once we got our food it was A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Guys, we both got grilled cheese sandwiches with rootbeer floats and specialty fries. I got the salt and vinegar fries and tbh I have never had better fries in MY LIFE. 

They were so good. I still think about them... Mmmmm

The rootbeer floats were good too? Honesty not a big ice cream person haha. And nothing will ever beat the rootbeer from Jacob's Pickles in New York City.


We got froyo smoothies and then went to Silver Sands State Park! It's so weird living 20 minutes from a beach. We've never lived anywhere close to the ocean before haha.

Look at all those seashells! There were so many it was crazy.

See that creepy island with no roads attached? Like HOW DO YOU GET THERE?! Idk maybe that's like a real life Where The Wild Things Are or something.

There were lots of little rock arts everywhere lol. 

Then we went to subway and explored Southford Falls State Park. A lot of time we just drive around and see somewhere and add it to our list. This one had some hikes but we were prepared to do them, physically or emotionally probably lol.

All in all, it was a good little staycation! It's so fun living somewhere new where like everything we do is new and fun. Especially since we don't know if we'll be staying here forever forever, it makes all the stuff we do extra fun!

We are headed to Cape Cod this weekend! If you have any recommendations, let me know!

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  1. Try Frank Pepe's in New Haven - BEST PIZZA. When I travel to visit my bestie from college who lives in Milford, CT I always stop there. Also Mystic CT is nice as well, they have the aquarium and some other fun things to do. Buttonwood Farms is a super cute place to go in the summer for their really good ice cream and HUGE sunflower farm. Also try out some of the wineries that CT has to offer, I've never been to them but they are on my list.
    I don't live directly in CT but I am about an hour away in MA so feel free to ask me any questions I'd be glad to give suggestions :)

  2. I like this post. I like lots of photos and would sometimes rather read a vacation post that's not split up into parts. I want to adventure more of AZ! Specifically the northern part of the state, but traveling is like annoying now that I'm entering the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I've been thinking of a staycation in November for my birthday (since we won't be traveling to family for Thanksgiving), but there are other kinda expensive things that I want to do, haha.

  3. thank you thank you for the tips!! next time you're out here we should get together!


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