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A Happy List: 135

Monday, September 26, 2016

J gave me the BEST MASSAGE. It was full body and literally my calves have never felt better.
I met a dog I'll be watching this week, last week. She is a chubby Golden Retriever and so cute.
I finally ran a mile without stopping! For some reason on a treadmill I can run so much longer.
I found some super cute cheap DIYs that I'm going to do this week. I'm so excited to craft.
I cut my bangs again and decided it's just who I am and I'll probably always have them.
Getting the bumps on my legs to go away by using coconut oil in the shower!
All the little pumpkins and gords everywhere. I need to get some.
I've been growing my nails out and they're so prettyyyyy.
Pumpkin bagels, mmmmm.
Also pumpkin curry!

- - - - -

The look on J's face when we were getting out of the shower and he realized that I just use whatever towel is there, and not "my" towel. His mouth literally dropped open and he just stared at me. Who knew!

All week last week I wanted to eat curry but didn't have any cardamom. We checked 2 different Trader Joe's and Aldi and couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, we specifically went to Shop Rite solely to find cardamom. We went home and made curry and were watching T.V. The character on the show we were watching was buying curry for dinner and J yelled at the T.V., "If you just put the time in to find the cardamom dude you could have so much more!"

J: "Trixie was one of my best friends and you're trying to take it away from me!!!!"

I was teasing J for not going to the gym because he was full from his calzone. He said, "It's not every day I get to have a calzone and I wasn't about to throw it away for the gym!!"

While we were making calzones, our fire alarm went off. I was wearing these silk pajamas that my mom thinks are lingerie. I started freaking out because I thought I would have to go outside for some reason, so I started running around the house looking for my bathrobe. I couldn't find it so I throw on a shirt at the same time J figured out how to turn it off. The best part was I had been on the phone with my mom before it all happened so she heard me drop the phone and freak out saying, "How do we turn this off?!?! Where is my bathrobe?!?! J!!!"

- - - - -

Internet things that are making me happy: This post from my friend Riley is so funny. I can't handle the misrepsentation that happens with marketing sometimes. / I saw this on Pinterest and it makes me lol every time. I wish I had smaller boobs so I could rock side boob. / I stumbled upon this Linkedin profile earlier today and this guy is for sure my favorite human. He is literally the happiest looking person I have ever seen. <3

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