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A Happy List: 134

Monday, September 19, 2016

This was the actual sunset tonight! *praise*

We had our first actually rainy day here in Connecticut and it was BEAUTIFUL. Especially with the color changing trees.
Last week I did really good at running! I am so bad at running outside, but put me on a treadmill and I can do just fine.
Being back to work full time. It feels good to not have so much free time lol.
Spending Saturday in Boston with my cute friend, Hailey! She is perf.
Coming up with a plan of how to make free time good and not sad.
Discovering there is a Primark 30 minutes from my apartment.
Finding two bloggers in the New England area.
Getting back to film with my Polaroid.
Meeting a Swiss Mountain dog.
Finally tried a goja berry!

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Here are some funny things people said this week:

J: "Life isn't a hallmark card!"

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