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A Happy List: 133

Monday, September 12, 2016

Kaitlyn Noelle is so cute! Don't know why I just found her online but you guys should follow her.
The guy Katherine and I met at a cute little farmhouse bakery. He was so nice haha.
I am redoing my photography website and I'm so happy with how it's turning out.
Sticking to my workout schedule. Also the feeling you get after running.
I finally got thigh high boots and am the happiest I've ever been srsly.
My friend Katherine came to visit and it was so fun seeing her!
Getting my old job back remotely and full time.
The Pimp from Big Gay Ice Cream.
Main street in Norwalk.
Pumpkin fudge!

- - - - -

So I have this hashtag on Instagram called #emmyfindsart and it's where I post all the art I find. (Duh.) We were walking and I saw a little egg had been spray painted on the side walk. I said, "Look!" and Katherine yelled, "Emmy!!!! You found art!!!!"

Me to Katherine, "Look at that dog!!!"
Katherine, *whispers quietly to self* "It's beautiful."

- - - - -


  1. I love the name of this ice cream shop lol
    Do they have any funny names for the ice cream flavors?

  2. Last night I had my hair in braids like yours and Mark asked me if it was a trend and I was like "what? i'm pretty sure it's just a french braid?" and he was like "no, it's definitely a trend" and then he just looked over my shoulder at the computer while I was reading this post and he was like "SEE? A TREND!!!!" hahaha

  3. Yeah! I can't remember them except for "The Pimp" which was vanilla with caramel, salt, and chocolate drizzle mmmmm.


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