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Friday, September 30, 2016

Cape Cod!

So, are we liking the whole trip-in-one-post thing or should I go back to like Day 1, Day 2, etc.? 

Probably the thing we are loving most about living in Connecticut is how close it is to everything! We can drive to Boston in like 2 1/2 hours, take a train to New York City in 1 hour, and be in Cape Cod in around 3 hours! It's crazy living in New England where all the state are so baby. I used to get so annoyed when people said, "New England" because I was like "Why can't you just say your state?!" But, it really is like New England is one state made of little states because it's all so accessible.

ANYWAY. Last weekend we went to Cape Cod Saturday morning and came home on Sunday night. V quick and v fun.


I love the drives here because the freeways are kinda small and they are all lined with trees. <3

This is the only photo I got from our time in Rhode Island lol. But look at those trees omgzzzzz.

Once in Cape Cod we stopped off at Peterson's Market to take a break and they had PUMPKIN MILANOS. There are 2 types of people: Those who complain about the pumpkin spice frenzy and those who embrace it with full force. I am definitely that second person and ate THIS ENTIRE BAG IN 2 DAYS. That's like 1,000 calories of cookie?? Lol idk. J had like 2 but whatever, I'm still counting it as eating the whole bag.

Anyway, these were good. Try them.

We love looking at houses and there were so. many. cute. houses. When we have a house one day I want it to be the style of the houses below! I love shingles and shutters. They are just so cozy.

We stopped at a place called Corporation Beach and walked around for a bit. There was a black poodle there named Einstein and he was v cute v cute. 

Then we ate lunch at Captain Frosty's. I was tipping on the border of ordering fish and chips but FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD. Anyway. J got a burger too so it was a weird meal, but the fries were good!

Also have you guys seen this Vine? We always immitate it lol. I am totes better than J, right?

We played mini golf for the first time in so long. Guys, I am really good at mini golf haha. J and I bet a 15 minute massage and you better believe I snagged that. That was the massage I was telling you guys about a few posts back where J went all out and did full body and my legs have literally never felt better. It was like they were floating on clouds, I swear.

Then we went in search of chowder! And found more cute houses, obviously.


J about to get that chowda at Black Cat Harbor Shack.

This was the moment when I tried to take a Polaroid photo of us and realized my camera was dead. #photographerfail. I tried to set up my digital camera and it was just taking to long and stopped being worth it lol.

I got this greek/green/something wrap and it was SO GOOD. It had this dressing in it that really sealed the deal. I even went through all the trouble of bringing the rest home with me, but I never eat leftovers because I am the worst.

The chowda about to be grammed. J said it really was delicious. So, add it to your list if you like clam chowder, I guess. Oh, and if you're a vegetarian, Zupa's in Utah has a garden vegetable that is SO GOOD. I am obsessed with it and miss it often. If you work at Zupa's and know the recipe I wouldn't even be mad.

Alas, a bag of chips that has 8 chips and 90% air.

Welcome to my home, let me show you around.

We had a lil' sunset drive for some ice cream.

Sundae School was just as good as we had heard it was! (Thanks, Rebecca!) And also very cute, as you can see. Oh and also cash only so be prepared.

I got the Shark's Tooth flavor, which I think was blackberry and white chocolate chips? Or something like that, but it was the second best ice cream I have ever had. The first was the lavendar ice cream at Mora on Bainbridge Island in Washington.

True to character J got a strawberry smoothie. It was also v good.

How cute are all these elderly people eating ice cream?!?! Totes goals for real.


We drove to Woods Hole which was the CUTEST. I think next time we go to Cape Cod we will stick around there.

We went to Pie In The Sky for brunch and it was SO GOOD. 10 out of 10 stars.

They roast their own coffee beans!

Ok this hot chocolate was really good.

Also this cherry danish was SO GOOD.

J got a wrap because he is a man. He said it was v good also. Idk why we don't try to make more wraps at home. Partially I am really annoyed when wraps aren't wrapped well? Do you know what I mean? So I need to take a class on how to wrap wraps so they are tight and perfect and beautiful.


Like, the croissant was just so crunchy but soft on the inside and just the best. It pretty much made the sandwich.

After brunch we wandered around town and fell in love with Woods Hole. Also we saw a pirate but I didn't take a picture and I should have. #foreverregret Also J took all the following photos and he is amazing. I have this huge fear that I will die in childbirth and J won't know how to use my camera and all the pictures of our kids will be on an iPhone and I just couldn't live with that. Well, I'd be dead but I for sure want J to know how to work my camera for those quality photos yo.

We found a lighthouse! This was the Nobska lighthouse, I believe.

Across the street there was this view of the water and someone's grave. Such a pretty place to be buried.

Next we drove to Surf Drive beach!

 I spent $120 on these boots and you better believe I have been getting my money's worth! I am obsessed with them. (Boots here, dress here.)

These 2 people literally dressed down to their underwear and started swimming in the ocean lol.

We are 100% convinced that woman was a ghost. We were walking along the road and came to this private beach. We were talking to each other about how nice it was that whoever lived in that house had a private beach, and she said, "It's for sale. No one lives there. You can do down on the private beach."

We were like, "Cool! Thanks!" We were down there for probably like 10 minutes and the whole time she was sitting just like that looking at the house. Then we walked back to the car (which was in the only parking lot) (and there weren't other houses around this house). It probably took us MAYBE 3 minutes to get to the car. When we drove away, we drove by the house again and she was GONE. Not at the beach, no cars parked that way she could be in, NOTHING. 

Totally a ghost for sure.

Oh I'm an idiot. Here you can see better where the house is and also notice SHE ISN'T IN THE BACKGROUND. When we walked up those steps she was there and this was taken like maybe 3 minutes later.

A GHOST 100%.

Look at these weird houses on sticks lol. I'm guessing it's because the water rises, but something about living in a house on sticks scares me. I want to tour one to see what's it's really like though.

Then we drove home! This is Hartford's skyline.

I really wanted to go to Trader Joe's before the week hit us in the face, so we decided to just do dinner by our house. We were going to eat at Boston Market. Right across from Boston Market is a Taco Bell. I was like, "J, is it weird for you to be so physically close to a Taco Bell and eat somewhere else?"


Guess who ended up not ordering at Boston Market? (By the way I wasn't the biggest fan, prob a place for the meat eaters.)

J! He went to Taco Bell haha. #tb4ever

All in all it was a v fun lil' trip! I think for the rest of the fall we are going to stick to Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire. I got a huge list of all the (supposedly) prettiest places, so I'm excited to see if they're worth the hype!

- - - - -