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Hi, How Does This White Lipstick Look? Srsly.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ok, so let me give all you fellow bloggers a little tip. If you want to test products, go sign up for Influenster! They have lots of different collaboration opportunities, and you usually just have to leave a review on the product. It's AMAZING. Special shout out to Riley Jo for letting me know about this. Life changed haha. 

I got these lipsticks from Makeup Forever a few weeks ago, but only just barely got the chance to photograph and post them. I really love lipstick so I wanted to post about it on here too. I never wore lipstick until I tried Mac's Ruby Woo, and then I pretty much exclusively wore that. I've since branched out to Mac's Sin and a few Cover Girl lipsticks, but other than that I haven't tried any others!

(Yes, I know all about Lipsense. I have my first order coming!)

So, without further ado, here they are on!

I think I like Ruby Woo better than this, but only because it lasts longer.

I feel like I'll wear this more during the fall.

The white lipstick! Haha like honestly I wouldn't ever wear it out, but I would definitely wear it as white for a photoshoot. I think it could look really cool.

I ended up deciding that the white was meant to be layered, probably. This is what it looks like layered over the red.
I wish I would have had that white last year when we were aliens for Halloween! Ya live ya learn.

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