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Lazy Mornings

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jake had to work Saturday (boo!) so I decided to have an extra pampered Saturday morning. I made a delicious breakfast and finished reading Station Eleven. I also definitely stayed in pajamas all day but when they're silk can you blame me? Whenever I wear silk sets/slips I feel like a queen haha.

Also, if you're wondering why I look so tan in these pictures and this picture on my Instagram, it's because I have been using Million Dollar Tan! (Also not over exposing the crap out of my images.) I have always been against tanning because it just seems dumb to ruin your skin to look good for like, a second. I tried a few sunless tanners in the past but didn't really like any. My sister actually worked with Million Dollar Tan when she had her daily deals website, and I got to sample their product. I fell in love. I love the way it evens out my face so I don't have to wear makeup lol. I have just been touching up my under eye circles and letting the freckles shine! 

Anyway! They have this mitt you can use when you put it on and it literally makes all the difference. I used the Mermaid Mousse and it's amazing. Make sure you are holding it like exactly parallel/straight on with the glove when you pump it out. Also, I recommend making sure it's dry before getting into bed/wearing clothes. I usually put mine on and then walk around naked/in a bathrobe for a few hours haha. Also, it will look like it's coming off in the shower, and it does a little bit, but the overall tan still stays! So don't be scared.

Anyway, I have been wanting to work with more brands and stretch my creativity, so obviously Million Dollar Tan was one of the first companies I reached out to! Maybe it's not cool to reach out to companies, but idk. I would rather you guys know that I am being honest in my opinions on here. Gosh. It's hard to keep honest product reviews short lol. But also nutella waffles, am I right?

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  1. Great photos! Really jealous of those pancakes and strawberries, my Monday was a quick boring cereal!

  2. Loving the photos in this post! There's nothing better than a lazy, weekend morning! I always try to read a little with my cup of coffee and take my time to get ready for the day.

  3. A slow morning with pancakes? Can't go wrong!

  4. That's such a civilized thing to do! I need to get on your level!

  5. I love the color the tan stuff gave you! I'll have to check it out!♡♡♡

  6. Omg, lazy weekend mornings really are the best! And I totally agree with you about sunless tanning — it makes no sense to do so much damage to your skin when we have these amazing options for self-tanner! Great post.

    xx emily

  7. I love this post! I think self tanners are for sure a win!!

    Corsica | kissesfromcarolina.com

  8. Hi Emmy, I have been looking to use a self tanner. Where can you buy million dollar tan?


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