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Thursday, August 4, 2016

UGH there is something I want to talk about, but I made a promise to myself to never talk about certain things on this blog. So, alas.

Here is a picture I took for no good reason other than I love the way my fake eyelashes look and wanted something to edit.

There's honesty for you.

I don't feel like I have anything else to say today because I've basically been thinking about the scary book I'm reading and how to get my Instagram feed the way I want it. I know Instagram is dumb blah blah blah blahoiegha;ornhzldskghoei. But for me it's an art project and I like for it to look a certain way. It's like a challenge. I just get so bored and my Instagram feed is the only thing that is like a constant challenge I can focus on.

Anyway, judge me if you want, but I care haha.

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  1. Never apologize for what you decided to put on your blog. Your eyelash do look great. Now get back to your book.


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