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Hi, We Moved! Again!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First of all, I just want to acknowledge the fact that I MISSED A HAPPY LIST FOR THE FIRST TIME. I love being on "streaks" and being able to say I have or haven't done something for like, a long time. So, I'm sad that I missed a happy list after years of doing one every Monday! Ugh but life will move on. Also, I do have a good reason for missing it. Are you ready?.....


For those of you who don't like reading long blog posts here's the short story. 

Short story: J got a better job offer in Connecticut. I wanted a car to explore the east coast.

For those of you who want the real/detailed/long story, here it is: 

Long story: We love New York City, really. It's just that living there is 10x harder than living anywhere else. It's definitely 10x the fun, but 10x harder. With both of us working it was doable, but I'll be going back to school soon and I really want to be able to focus on that. We also missed having a car. Living in Manhattan was great, but you can pretty much only explore New York City unless you want to rent a car for the weekend. We really wanted to move somewhere where we could do little weekend trips to like Maine, Boston, Vermont, etc. So, J started applying to jobs and got an offer from one he really liked in Connecticut. And so we moved!

Here's the timeline of how everything happened: Tuesday: Someone came to look at our apartment. Friday: They signed the lease. Saturday: We went apartment hunting. Monday: We moved.

Like srsly things happen so fast in New York lol. 

Anyway! We are loving our new apartment! It's nice to have a door on our bedroom. We also have a loft that I'll use for my school and work from home job. (I am also fairly certain a blow up mattress would be fine there, so come visit me!) Our complex has a fitness center so now I have zero reason for not working out lol. And we have a pool that will hopefully make these east coast summers a bit more bearable! 

The east coast is so much different from Utah. Like, in Utah you can see everything that's around you because there are like 0 trees. Out here, I kept feeling like our apartment was in the middle of nowhere. I kept thinking, "Well, it's fine. You'll be home a lot anyway." Then finally yesterday I realized we are actually by a TON of stuff. You just can't visually see everything driving down the road because there are so many trees! We have a Trader Joe's 20 minutes away that I am VERY happy about. I didn't realize they have such cheap flowers? We also have a Panera Bread, which I have always heard about but never tried until yesterday. Oh, and there's a bunch of east coast chains that I have never heard of, like Boston Market? Or Shop Rite? I think those are chains anyway...

I am already planning our weekend trip for memorial day! If you guys have any suggestions of places to visit/see on the east coast, definitely let me know! I grew up in Utah so I know essentially zero things about the east coast.


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  1. Fun! Congrats on the move! I kinda feel that way about Chicago sometimes. It's more fun than living in Phoenix, but it's also a lot more of a hassle sometimes.

    Floradise: www.maretteflora.com

  2. I was having this discussion about NYC last night. I LOVE it, but living there is hard and overwhelming. I hope you love CT, and if you ever make it to Boston, hit me up!

    xx, Elise

  3. Wow! Congrats on the move! That's so exciting!

  4. Wow. That happened really fast! Congrats on the move. It sounds like just what you guys needed. Excited to read about your explorations.

  5. Eeep that is so fun! I can't wait to hear about your adventures :)


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