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Hi I Got Yelled At On The Phone Today.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dress from my sister's cute shop, Posey and Pence!
Ok, you know how people say New Yorkers are rude? Well I'm always defending them. We have lived here for 4 months and I haven't encountered more than 2 mean people. 

In Utah, everyone wants to be your friend. They love to chat and say hi and make eye contact. In New York, it's a little different. I wouldn't say people are mean exactly, but they just don't care to be your friend. They're just busy and assume everyone else is busy too. So if you want people to be nice to you here, you have to be nice to them first to show them you are cool. Then they are nice and awesome.

But, there is this one person I have to deal with who is SO MEAN. I called her today to ask her a question and she was SO RUDE. I LITERALLY WAS ALMOST CRYING. I hate crying. Very rarely do I cry. But literally I was blinking back tears and thinking of puppies to keep from crying.

UGH. I hate mean people. Like just be nice, ya know? There is 100% no reason to be a jerk to a stranger ask you a question. Jeez.

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  1. I didn't know your sister was Posey and Pence! I was going to collaborate with her but the cute shirt she sent me did not look cute on me. I was so sad! I don't understand mean people either. There's no point in being rude! It doesn't make anyone feel better! Ever! And you have nothing to lose from being nice! This is seriously my soap box ha ha.

  2. Your blog is so cute!! I love the theme. This has happened to us all, I never understand it! Stay strong, it's not you xoxo

  3. Completely agree! Kindness goes a long way no matter where you live! :)

  4. Mean people suck. BUT YOUR HAIR (insert heart eyes here).

  5. This is such a cute little post and blog. I love your voice. Sorry that you had a cranky kinda day. People are meanies!


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