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A Happy List: 132

Monday, August 29, 2016

Since I have been growing out my bangs I don't have to wash any hair in the morning and it's amazing!
Starting Gilmore Girls in preparation for the replica town they are building.
Getting to wear my heels again! Since I don't have to walk as much lol. 
Living close to a Trader Joe's! I never understood the magic until now.
How cheap the food is in Connecticut. Well, compared to NYC haha.
I feel like there have been a lot of cute dogs on the internet lately.
All the tree lined streets here are so freaking pretty.
Organizing our pantry with mason jars and labels.
Revamping the storage room to be my closet.
This vegetable medley over brown rice.

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people said this week (and last): 

J: "Gosh, using condition in my hair has like changed my life."

I posted a picture of some donuts I got with my mom when she was visiting on my Instagram. I posted it like 2 weeks after I had taken it though. She commented on it while we were on the phone and I was like, "Mom! Those are the same donuts! I took that picture with you!" My mom said, "That's so funny! I was thinking, did she get teh same donuts!?!"

J: "Son of a biscuit!"

J: "Ahhhh I might have to do this again. Chestery cheese!" 

J: "I like that my hair is long enough in the back that I can twirl it."

During the drive to our new apartment, we kept pointing out all the places that we didn't have in our neighborhood in Manhattan. As we passed McDonald's J said, "Look at McChildren's!!"

We were walking into Target and I went to the dollar section that's in the front. J said, "The real trick is to try to get you past this section."

Me: "Do you know what I'm craving right now?"
J: "What?"
Me: "Dirt." (Joking.)
J: "Em!!! Dirt!!! Nar nar."

J: "It just comes with being a man. There's this gravitation toward power tools."

- - - - -



  1. Ok that dress though!!!! So pretty!! I've also been loving that you've been rocking false eyelashes recently. I think I'm going to have to give them a go myself ;) Question: What is the easiest way to apply them for you? I always get a little frustrated with the whole situation ;)

  2. Love your happy list!!
    Also, loving that maxi! Your hair looks amazing!

    xx, Elise

  3. Thank you!

    You definitely should! It's honestly like so hard and I still really suck at it.

    So you put the glue on. How long you wait until you put it on your lashes is just trial and error. Sometimes I swear i wait too long and then it doesn't stick, but people say you want it to be like 30 seconds? So idk.

    Then you use a tweezer and put it in the middle first, and then grab the edges with the tweezers and push it into your eyelid. But it's important to grab it by like the tips of the eyelashes and then push it in. If you try to grab it by the base you'll poke your eye haha.

    But yeah, you'll get the hang of it! And then when you take them off make sure to use an oil based eye makeup remover so they don't pull out your eyelashes.

    There are also tons of YouTube tutorials that are helpful! Good luck! :)

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. I want to go to Stars Hollow! Ugh, you're so lucky!
    Also, that dress is awesome.
    Also, I think I'm more excited about your life in CT than I was about NY.


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