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A Happy list: 131 + I fell off a chair.

Monday, August 15, 2016

You guys, I am making bad decisions in my life right now. For some crazy, unknown reason to myself I decided to try out the Kayla Itsine's BBG whatever again. I went so hard on the PRE WORKOUT (not even the real workout) that I literally fell off a chair while doing the step up thing lol. I understand why girls who have super amazing nice bodies post lots of "scandalous" pictures on Instagram now. Like, it is SO MUCH work. I will probably be that girl if I ever have that body, sorry not sorry.

Sorry I've been a little MIA this past week. My mom and grandma were in town! We did TONS of stuff, so get ready for lots of touristy photos ;). I also did a horrible job of keeping a list of what made me happy this week, but here goes!

Finally trying a bagel from Pick-A-Bagel... Bagel and Schmear is definitely better.
My husband got a dream job too! (It was the week for new jobs, apparently.)
The Night Of! Such a good show but I'm sad there was only one season?
Growing my nails long, and saving one that broke with super glue!
Fixing my URL... sorry to anyone who couldn't access it!
Figuring out if I apply less tanner then it won't rub off.
My sister sent me some cute dresses from her shop.
Getting a work from home job, thanks to Emily!
Getting pranked at Top of the Rock.
Meeting new dogs.

- - - - -

GUYS. So many funny things happened this week. I think my mom and grandma are soooooo funny. When we are together we just laugh and laugh at all the dumb things each other say! (Don't know if that last sentence makes sense but you get it lol.) I didn't write any down though... so we'll have to wait until my mom texts me back and see if she remembers.

She literally just texted me back. Ok, here you go:

Me: "We cut down forests to make cemeteries, what if we make cemeteries into a forest?!"

There were two birds at the top of the Empire State building that had maimed claws. I said, "Their claws are maimed! That's so sad! Someone probably did that on purpose so they will stay here for the tourists. I can't believe the Empire State building would do that. This place sucks." My mom always says I go from 0-100 lol.

We were taking photos in a photo booth that was really small (see here), so my mom had to stick her butt out of the curtain and there were all these people outside of it enjoying coffee who had to see it lol.

My grandma talking about an assisted living center that was really nice: "I told her, people are dying to live here! Well, not dying that was a bad choice of words."

We were in a subway station that was literally SO HOT. Like probably 100 degrees with 80% humidity. We found a bench and asked my grandma if she wanted to sit down and she was just pacing and very seriously said, "No, it's better to keep walking." Then we asked what we could do to help and she told me not to tell her how far away the train was until it was two minutes hahahah.

- - - - -


  1. WHAT. That's your sister's shop?? I literally just started following her IG last night because there seems to be a lot of stuff that can double as maternity clothing. Girl, tell her to hook. me. upppppp. I'll like, review a dress or two.

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time with your family!! Those kinds of memories are my favorite. :)

  3. Work from home jobs are awesome! Congrats! Also congrats to your husband!


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