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A Happy List: 130

Monday, August 8, 2016

Finding a way to take my fake eyelashes off without ripping my eyelashes out.
Introducing my mom and grandma to all of the yummy New York treats.
My sister sent me so many clothes from her shop and they are CUTE.
Buying dental tools on Amazon for $5 lol.
The way fake eyelashes look in photos.
Feeling like a queen when in an Uber
Finally trying New York cheesecake
Mango tofu tacos mmmmmmmm.
Watching dogs at the dog park
Rewatching The Office

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Here are some funny things people said this week:

(I guess this isn't really funny, other than I am an idiot and so loud. But, I want to put it somewhere.) So, the other day we were at the park and I saw a woman who looked exactly like Jessica Lange. We left and I talked about it with Jake for a while and was like, "Was that her?" and we couldn't decide. We decided that it probably wasn't. Then, we were at the same park with my mom and grandma. We sit down on the bench and I'm like, "Guys this is where I saw Jessica Lange!" We start eating some cheesecake and I look aroung and the Jessica Lange woman is RIGHT NEXT TO US ON A BENCH. I turned and whispered to my mom, "That's her! Is it Jessica Lange?" My mom said it wasn't, so we moved on. Then I asked again, and my mom said that earlier she looked over at the woman while I was talking, and the woman was smiling and shook her head "no" at my mom. Then, my mom stood up to take a picture of us with the pretty background, and the Jessica Lange woman got up and immediately left! In the picture she had her hand in front of her face! So, we decided it probably was Jessica Lange and I feel really bad. She probably thought we were annoying fans who were going to take a sneak picture and post it all over the internet haha. I wish I would have just asked her if she was Jessica Lange, said, "You are such a great actress!" and then let her enjoy her night haha. I feel bad she left because of us! But, anyway now I can say I've seen a celebrity in New York. And she is just as beautiful in real life as she is in American Horror Story haha. I hope I have cheekbones like that one day. 

Jake: "Things are looking pretty real right now for Robby and Jolene."

Jake after me telling him how much I loved Jojo's body chain in The Bachelorette: "I have a body chain I just don't wear it that much."

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