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Monday, August 29, 2016

A Happy List: 132

Since I have been growing out my bangs I don't have to wash any hair in the morning and it's amazing!
Starting Gilmore Girls in preparation for the replica town they are building.
Getting to wear my heels again! Since I don't have to walk as much lol. 
Living close to a Trader Joe's! I never understood the magic until now.
How cheap the food is in Connecticut. Well, compared to NYC haha.
I feel like there have been a lot of cute dogs on the internet lately.
All the tree lined streets here are so freaking pretty.
Organizing our pantry with mason jars and labels.
Revamping the storage room to be my closet.
This vegetable medley over brown rice.

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people said this week (and last): 

J: "Gosh, using condition in my hair has like changed my life."

I posted a picture of some donuts I got with my mom when she was visiting on my Instagram. I posted it like 2 weeks after I had taken it though. She commented on it while we were on the phone and I was like, "Mom! Those are the same donuts! I took that picture with you!" My mom said, "That's so funny! I was thinking, did she get teh same donuts!?!"

J: "Son of a biscuit!"

J: "Ahhhh I might have to do this again. Chestery cheese!" 

J: "I like that my hair is long enough in the back that I can twirl it."

During the drive to our new apartment, we kept pointing out all the places that we didn't have in our neighborhood in Manhattan. As we passed McDonald's J said, "Look at McChildren's!!"

We were walking into Target and I went to the dollar section that's in the front. J said, "The real trick is to try to get you past this section."

Me: "Do you know what I'm craving right now?"
J: "What?"
Me: "Dirt." (Joking.)
J: "Em!!! Dirt!!! Nar nar."

J: "It just comes with being a man. There's this gravitation toward power tools."

- - - - -


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hi, How Does This White Lipstick Look? Srsly.

Ok, so let me give all you fellow bloggers a little tip. If you want to test products, go sign up for Influenster! They have lots of different collaboration opportunities, and you usually just have to leave a review on the product. It's AMAZING. Special shout out to Riley Jo for letting me know about this. Life changed haha. 

I got these lipsticks from Makeup Forever a few weeks ago, but only just barely got the chance to photograph and post them. I really love lipstick so I wanted to post about it on here too. I never wore lipstick until I tried Mac's Ruby Woo, and then I pretty much exclusively wore that. I've since branched out to Mac's Sin and a few Cover Girl lipsticks, but other than that I haven't tried any others!

(Yes, I know all about Lipsense. I have my first order coming!)

So, without further ado, here they are on!

I think I like Ruby Woo better than this, but only because it lasts longer.

I feel like I'll wear this more during the fall.

The white lipstick! Haha like honestly I wouldn't ever wear it out, but I would definitely wear it as white for a photoshoot. I think it could look really cool.

I ended up deciding that the white was meant to be layered, probably. This is what it looks like layered over the red.
I wish I would have had that white last year when we were aliens for Halloween! Ya live ya learn.

- - - - -

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hi, We Moved! Again!

First of all, I just want to acknowledge the fact that I MISSED A HAPPY LIST FOR THE FIRST TIME. I love being on "streaks" and being able to say I have or haven't done something for like, a long time. So, I'm sad that I missed a happy list after years of doing one every Monday! Ugh but life will move on. Also, I do have a good reason for missing it. Are you ready?.....


For those of you who don't like reading long blog posts here's the short story. 

Short story: J got a better job offer in Connecticut. I wanted a car to explore the east coast.

For those of you who want the real/detailed/long story, here it is: 

Long story: We love New York City, really. It's just that living there is 10x harder than living anywhere else. It's definitely 10x the fun, but 10x harder. With both of us working it was doable, but I'll be going back to school soon and I really want to be able to focus on that. We also missed having a car. Living in Manhattan was great, but you can pretty much only explore New York City unless you want to rent a car for the weekend. We really wanted to move somewhere where we could do little weekend trips to like Maine, Boston, Vermont, etc. So, J started applying to jobs and got an offer from one he really liked in Connecticut. And so we moved!

Here's the timeline of how everything happened: Tuesday: Someone came to look at our apartment. Friday: They signed the lease. Saturday: We went apartment hunting. Monday: We moved.

Like srsly things happen so fast in New York lol. 

Anyway! We are loving our new apartment! It's nice to have a door on our bedroom. We also have a loft that I'll use for my school and work from home job. (I am also fairly certain a blow up mattress would be fine there, so come visit me!) Our complex has a fitness center so now I have zero reason for not working out lol. And we have a pool that will hopefully make these east coast summers a bit more bearable! 

The east coast is so much different from Utah. Like, in Utah you can see everything that's around you because there are like 0 trees. Out here, I kept feeling like our apartment was in the middle of nowhere. I kept thinking, "Well, it's fine. You'll be home a lot anyway." Then finally yesterday I realized we are actually by a TON of stuff. You just can't visually see everything driving down the road because there are so many trees! We have a Trader Joe's 20 minutes away that I am VERY happy about. I didn't realize they have such cheap flowers? We also have a Panera Bread, which I have always heard about but never tried until yesterday. Oh, and there's a bunch of east coast chains that I have never heard of, like Boston Market? Or Shop Rite? I think those are chains anyway...

I am already planning our weekend trip for memorial day! If you guys have any suggestions of places to visit/see on the east coast, definitely let me know! I grew up in Utah so I know essentially zero things about the east coast.


- - - - -

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hi I Got Yelled At On The Phone Today.

Dress from my sister's cute shop, Posey and Pence!
Ok, you know how people say New Yorkers are rude? Well I'm always defending them. We have lived here for 4 months and I haven't encountered more than 2 mean people. 

In Utah, everyone wants to be your friend. They love to chat and say hi and make eye contact. In New York, it's a little different. I wouldn't say people are mean exactly, but they just don't care to be your friend. They're just busy and assume everyone else is busy too. So if you want people to be nice to you here, you have to be nice to them first to show them you are cool. Then they are nice and awesome.

But, there is this one person I have to deal with who is SO MEAN. I called her today to ask her a question and she was SO RUDE. I LITERALLY WAS ALMOST CRYING. I hate crying. Very rarely do I cry. But literally I was blinking back tears and thinking of puppies to keep from crying.

UGH. I hate mean people. Like just be nice, ya know? There is 100% no reason to be a jerk to a stranger ask you a question. Jeez.

- - - - -

Monday, August 15, 2016

A Happy list: 131 + I fell off a chair.

You guys, I am making bad decisions in my life right now. For some crazy, unknown reason to myself I decided to try out the Kayla Itsine's BBG whatever again. I went so hard on the PRE WORKOUT (not even the real workout) that I literally fell off a chair while doing the step up thing lol. I understand why girls who have super amazing nice bodies post lots of "scandalous" pictures on Instagram now. Like, it is SO MUCH work. I will probably be that girl if I ever have that body, sorry not sorry.

Sorry I've been a little MIA this past week. My mom and grandma were in town! We did TONS of stuff, so get ready for lots of touristy photos ;). I also did a horrible job of keeping a list of what made me happy this week, but here goes!

Finally trying a bagel from Pick-A-Bagel... Bagel and Schmear is definitely better.
My husband got a dream job too! (It was the week for new jobs, apparently.)
The Night Of! Such a good show but I'm sad there was only one season?
Growing my nails long, and saving one that broke with super glue!
Fixing my URL... sorry to anyone who couldn't access it!
Figuring out if I apply less tanner then it won't rub off.
My sister sent me some cute dresses from her shop.
Getting a work from home job, thanks to Emily!
Getting pranked at Top of the Rock.
Meeting new dogs.

- - - - -

GUYS. So many funny things happened this week. I think my mom and grandma are soooooo funny. When we are together we just laugh and laugh at all the dumb things each other say! (Don't know if that last sentence makes sense but you get it lol.) I didn't write any down though... so we'll have to wait until my mom texts me back and see if she remembers.

She literally just texted me back. Ok, here you go:

Me: "We cut down forests to make cemeteries, what if we make cemeteries into a forest?!"

There were two birds at the top of the Empire State building that had maimed claws. I said, "Their claws are maimed! That's so sad! Someone probably did that on purpose so they will stay here for the tourists. I can't believe the Empire State building would do that. This place sucks." My mom always says I go from 0-100 lol.

We were taking photos in a photo booth that was really small (see here), so my mom had to stick her butt out of the curtain and there were all these people outside of it enjoying coffee who had to see it lol.

My grandma talking about an assisted living center that was really nice: "I told her, people are dying to live here! Well, not dying that was a bad choice of words."

We were in a subway station that was literally SO HOT. Like probably 100 degrees with 80% humidity. We found a bench and asked my grandma if she wanted to sit down and she was just pacing and very seriously said, "No, it's better to keep walking." Then we asked what we could do to help and she told me not to tell her how far away the train was until it was two minutes hahahah.

- - - - -

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Frizz Is NOT The Shiz

Am I the only person who likes to get all beauty stuff done in the same day? Also am I the only person who only washes my hair once a week? Ok...

So basically once a week I like to put on a face mask, tweeze my eyebrows, take off my nail polish, wash my hair, shave my legs, put on selfless tanner, do my nails, do my hair, and BAM. Feel like the queen.

This week I tried out some Madison Reed products. I have been having MEGA hair problems since moving to the east coast and have been frantically trying to find solutions.

Anyway, I mainly just want my curls to last without becoming litle frizz balls. I decided to test them while going to Costco (which is a day long trek uptown). We got caught in the rain and only had one umbrella so my bangs are effed, but I think my curls stayed pretty smooth?

Idk. Maybe I just want to believe the best but also in these photos they look smooth and amazing and like I always want them to be. So, I'm counting it as a win. 

Also all the products smell like the hair salon smell which made me feel extra-queen-y. Like sometimes when things smell like that I just automatically assume they are better and the real deal. (This is probably why I hate Times Square because it smells like urine and feces and old greasy food.) But ANYWAY. I'm just glad I am finding ways to get my hair under control because there's nothing worse than putting all the time and effort into your hair only to have the weather/climate ruin it. :(

Mega thanks to Madison Reed for being a babe and helpin' a sista out! Us girls are in this together lol.

- - - - -

P.S. Sorry to anyone who experienced my site being down. I changed the URL as you can see, and was having problems with the forwarding. It should be all better now! The new URL is is www.emmycoletti.com but www.emmyjake.com should forward it. All my social media is @emmycoletti too (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) so this should be easier. I'm not changing my names again!

Special thanks to Shopping Links for sponsoring this post.

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Happy List: 130

Finding a way to take my fake eyelashes off without ripping my eyelashes out.
Introducing my mom and grandma to all of the yummy New York treats.
My sister sent me so many clothes from her shop and they are CUTE.
Buying dental tools on Amazon for $5 lol.
The way fake eyelashes look in photos.
Feeling like a queen when in an Uber
Finally trying New York cheesecake
Mango tofu tacos mmmmmmmm.
Watching dogs at the dog park
Rewatching The Office

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people said this week:

(I guess this isn't really funny, other than I am an idiot and so loud. But, I want to put it somewhere.) So, the other day we were at the park and I saw a woman who looked exactly like Jessica Lange. We left and I talked about it with Jake for a while and was like, "Was that her?" and we couldn't decide. We decided that it probably wasn't. Then, we were at the same park with my mom and grandma. We sit down on the bench and I'm like, "Guys this is where I saw Jessica Lange!" We start eating some cheesecake and I look aroung and the Jessica Lange woman is RIGHT NEXT TO US ON A BENCH. I turned and whispered to my mom, "That's her! Is it Jessica Lange?" My mom said it wasn't, so we moved on. Then I asked again, and my mom said that earlier she looked over at the woman while I was talking, and the woman was smiling and shook her head "no" at my mom. Then, my mom stood up to take a picture of us with the pretty background, and the Jessica Lange woman got up and immediately left! In the picture she had her hand in front of her face! So, we decided it probably was Jessica Lange and I feel really bad. She probably thought we were annoying fans who were going to take a sneak picture and post it all over the internet haha. I wish I would have just asked her if she was Jessica Lange, said, "You are such a great actress!" and then let her enjoy her night haha. I feel bad she left because of us! But, anyway now I can say I've seen a celebrity in New York. And she is just as beautiful in real life as she is in American Horror Story haha. I hope I have cheekbones like that one day. 

Jake: "Things are looking pretty real right now for Robby and Jolene."

Jake after me telling him how much I loved Jojo's body chain in The Bachelorette: "I have a body chain I just don't wear it that much."

- - - - -

Thursday, August 4, 2016


UGH there is something I want to talk about, but I made a promise to myself to never talk about certain things on this blog. So, alas.

Here is a picture I took for no good reason other than I love the way my fake eyelashes look and wanted something to edit.

There's honesty for you.

I don't feel like I have anything else to say today because I've basically been thinking about the scary book I'm reading and how to get my Instagram feed the way I want it. I know Instagram is dumb blah blah blah blahoiegha;ornhzldskghoei. But for me it's an art project and I like for it to look a certain way. It's like a challenge. I just get so bored and my Instagram feed is the only thing that is like a constant challenge I can focus on.

Anyway, judge me if you want, but I care haha.

- - - - -

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lazy Mornings

Jake had to work Saturday (boo!) so I decided to have an extra pampered Saturday morning. I made a delicious breakfast and finished reading Station Eleven. I also definitely stayed in pajamas all day but when they're silk can you blame me? Whenever I wear silk sets/slips I feel like a queen haha.

Also, if you're wondering why I look so tan in these pictures and this picture on my Instagram, it's because I have been using Million Dollar Tan! (Also not over exposing the crap out of my images.) I have always been against tanning because it just seems dumb to ruin your skin to look good for like, a second. I tried a few sunless tanners in the past but didn't really like any. My sister actually worked with Million Dollar Tan when she had her daily deals website, and I got to sample their product. I fell in love. I love the way it evens out my face so I don't have to wear makeup lol. I have just been touching up my under eye circles and letting the freckles shine! 

Anyway! They have this mitt you can use when you put it on and it literally makes all the difference. I used the Mermaid Mousse and it's amazing. Make sure you are holding it like exactly parallel/straight on with the glove when you pump it out. Also, I recommend making sure it's dry before getting into bed/wearing clothes. I usually put mine on and then walk around naked/in a bathrobe for a few hours haha. Also, it will look like it's coming off in the shower, and it does a little bit, but the overall tan still stays! So don't be scared.

Anyway, I have been wanting to work with more brands and stretch my creativity, so obviously Million Dollar Tan was one of the first companies I reached out to! Maybe it's not cool to reach out to companies, but idk. I would rather you guys know that I am being honest in my opinions on here. Gosh. It's hard to keep honest product reviews short lol. But also nutella waffles, am I right?

- - - - -

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Becoming Blair Waldorf

We finally went to The Met! When were here visiting with J's family, we ate on the steps of The Met (cuz Gossip Girl) but didn't actually go in because we thought it was too expensive. WELL TIP: It's suggested admission, which means you can pay whatever you want! They have suggestions, but ultimately you could pay $1 and get in. 

It was cool to finally go. I'm not like, a huge museum person? Like I like to see what's there, but I basically am like constantly walking. J is the same way so it's PERFECT. There is nothing worse than going to a museum with someone who is your opposite speed! If you're with someone who is speeding through it's annoying, and if you're with some one who is literally reading every exhibit that is also annoying. So, it's good to find someone who is your same museum pace! 

Anyway, we just walked through a few exhibits, but the main thing I wanted to see was the psycho house! It was v cool and made me wish there was more Bates Motel to watch.

Well, I'm off to work! I accidentally worked 9 1/2 hours yesterday, so I am going in a little bit later today than I usually do lol. Also J and I call work "twerk". Anyone else?

- - - - -

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Happy List: 129

J's hair is long enough for a samuri bun! Also I'm in the process of growing out my bangs, so some day we are both samuris and it's cute AF.

I finally tried Sweet Green! The line was long, but the salad was really good. It was the seasonal peach flavor. I think it was like baby spinach, peaches, goat cheese, toasted almonds, and balsalmic dressing? There may have been more, you could check their website. But, it was like the best salad I have had in my life.

J went to vegas for work. I told him to bring me home a Vegas treat. I came home from work one day to find this. Well done, Jacob Cooper, well done.
You know in old movies where there is a newspaper guy who is like, "Blah blah blah! Read all about it!" Well there is an acutal person who sounds like that and hands out newspaper at the 68th street subway station haha.
The yummy sweet smell by the almond stands off the 68th street subway station. 
My coworkers say, "She lives there." instead of "She works there."
Cranberry Crunch Perfect bars when the honey has crystallized.
Jorden Keith and Alissa Violet finally shooting together.
Changing all my emails and passwords to be the same.
Rewatching American Horror story with J.
Snooping on strangers phone on the train.
Finally getting a planner.

- - - - -

Here are some funny things people said this week:

Our office has glass walls and is right by the hallway to the bathroom. People are always stopping by the water fountain or bathroom hallway to chat, and it's SO ANNOYING because we can hear everything they say. One day, after two people had been talking for 5 or so minutes. My coworker got up and slid the glass door closed in front of them. I turned around and said, "Hahah did you do that because those people are standing outside talking? It's so annoying when they do that." My coworker said, "Oh my g** I know right!! It's so f****** rude." I said, "I hate the women who stand there and speak French. Like for some reason having to listen to French for that long is so annoying." My coworker said, "I know right! Like if you're going to stand right outside our door and talk, at least let me f****** eaves drop, right!!"

- - - - -