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Apartment Before And After!

Friday, July 15, 2016
Alright. Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. Here is a tour of our 350 square foot studio aparment in New York City. I am always curious about what other people's houses look like, especially when they are in cool places. I feel like, super proud of how cute I made this, but I'll include some before pictures at the end so you guys can compare for yourselves haha.

Pillows (left to right): one, two, three, four, and the one in front. Duvet cover. (Also only $15 and seriously the best!)

Tassel similar here. Lights. Letter marquis lights


I made the New York City print. Temple print is @celestecclark. Donut print is @chelseawhipps on Instagram.

J has to sleep with a fan on so I made him get a beautiful one haha.

This tapestry was $6 on Amazon! Can you even believe it? It's sold out now but similar here.

Gnome salt and pepper shakers.

Drawer liner/adhesive from Flying Tiger.

Adhesive from Flying Tiger. Reusable Starbuck's cups from Starbuck's. We are obsessed with them. Flamingo glass from Flying Tiger. Friends mug is literally everywhere just google it haha.

Spice storage. Magnetic pencil holder from Flying Tiger.

Rug from H&M but honestly I wouldn't recommend their home goods shop. We got some other items that were such bad quality I actually sent them back. 

Also from Flying Tiger haha.

I have a tutorial coming on this get naked art! Also I never realized those drips on the toilet before! I think it's the editing I did in this that made them look weird haha. But that is the thing about New York apartments! They are all very lived in haha. And have been for a while.

We have been loving our Quip toothbrushes! They buzz for 2 minutes with 30 second intervals, so you make sure you brush for 2 minutes. It's funny how psychologically you feel like you can't stop until the vibrating is done lol.

This is so you can all see how big my bathroom is lol.

The before pictures! Luckily the girl who lived here before us left her couch haha. Also, everything you see is everything we brought with us! We traveled light!
I know our apartment is just a tiny matchbox but I love it! We were living in my mom's basement for 2 years before this, so really like anything is good haha. Just having your own place is nice, ya know? Like literally I am naked probably 90% of the time we are home haha. #nudistlyfe. Anyway, I think it's super cute and it just feels cozy like home. <3 I will definitely be happy when we have a door on our bedroom in a future place, but this apartment will always be a fun memory to look back on.

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