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Sunday, July 31, 2016

BYE Felicia

I'm not super loving the Month In Review posts or the Weekly Nail, so I'm stopping both of them. My nail polish is lasting way longer than a week so I think I'll just throw some pics on here whenever I feel like it.

Bye Felicia blog post series I always start and always discontinue.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Repent Nothing

I posted this on my Instagram before I changed my theme again haha. So, now I feel like it's ok to post here even though some of you may have already seen it.

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I was thinking today about how sometimes there is someone who looks like you but isn't related to you. It made me think about how many people are in the world right now. Like there are so many people, but it's nothing compared to how many people have been in the world total, over all of time. Like somewhere in the midst of all those people, there has to be a twin for everyone. Like what are the odds of having like 107 billion people ever existing, and all of them looking different? Idk but I want to meet my twin and see how close she is to me.

- - - - -

Ok also I am reading this book called Station Eleven and it's so good. It's a good story, but also it has these beautiful little nuggets of writing that I just feel connected to. I read a paragraph today on the train home that I felt like adaquately describes my feelings on moving out of my home state of Utah to New York City. It says, "That place was so small. Everyone knew me, not because I was special or anything, just because everyone knew everyone, and the claustrophobia of that, I can't tell you. I just wanted some privacy. For as long as I could remember I just wanted to get out, and then I got to Toronto and no one knew me. Toronto felt like freedom."

I just love that, ya know? It's so beautiful to me. I love the idea of living outside of Utah because I just feel free. I remember flying back into Utah one time and all I could think of was the phrase, "Like a dog in a cage." I feel like it's a constant struggle between me wanting to start my own traditions with J because we are married and adults vs other people wanting us to be a part of their traditions. It really stresses me out to have to say no to people and disappoint them, but it also stresses me out to feel like I can never execute my holiday ideas that I've been waitings years to do. I guess I had this idea that I would get married and have kids and host Christmas dinner and have Halloween parties, and I just feel like I can't be the hostess in Utah, ya know? We know so many people there who are always doing so many things. Like I am always a guest somewhere, I'm always on someone else's schedule, someone else's time. I think that's fine sometimes, like visiting for holidays, but for a long term lifestyle, I need to know that I can host my own holidays and not have to turn away so many invitations to events.

Idk, I guess I am just a really independent and private person. I know it may not seem that way after all I've just shared, but I do like my privacy. I like knowing that I can go to the grocery store here and not see anyone I know. I like knowing that no one will be knocking on my door. I like how little my coworkers care about what I'm doing. New Yorkers are the perfect personality for me because they literally don't care what anyone does. I finally feel like I am free to live my life and be who I am without guilt, judgment, or worries about people talking behind my back.

Anyway, I do miss our family and friends at times, but I am also loving this chapter of our lives where it is just us, completely on our own. We're relying 100% on each other and we have all of our days to ourselves. It just feels nice.

It feels like I've finally been let out of my cage and have discovered that I'm not a dog after all, I'm a wolf. And I'm just now discovering what that means.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

There's Always Going To Be Another Larry

Pizza Park! Not as good as Juliana's, but pretty good for a quick bite. This was the vodka sauce, yummmm.
As much as I love scheduling blog posts, I miss the diary-type feel that came from writing blog posts the day of, so I'm going to try to get back to that. I think I'll just preschedule the photos, but then actually write the post every day.

When did blogging turn into a laundry list of things I've done instead of how I'm actually feeling? Lulz.

Life updates on here for me are tricky. There are a lot more people reading this now than when I started, and I always get a little scared I'll offend someone. #livinginfear. But whatever, if you want to know if something is about you just ask. 

- - - - -

I have been at my job for a month now, and today was the first day I didn't do something wrong. So yay! I am loving it. It's a desk job and I love desk jobs. I have 2 apples for breakfast every morning. I tried out a "mono meal" which is basically where you eat like 6-7 fruit or veggies, but I couldn't do it. I think my limit is 3 apples lol. I have a Perfect Bar for lunch every day. I am obsessed with them because I feel like they are actually healthy.

Ever since moving to New York I feel like my eating habits have shifted and I'm not sure why. In Utah we lived with my mom, so we kind of just ate what was there. It's been interesting to see our pantry grow here. I feel like I've been eating way less sugar, because I just don't buy it. I used to have to have some chocolately every day, and now I can go like a day or two without chocolate. 

I guess no one really cares about other people's eating habits. And also it's a sensitive subject. Like I garauntee you right now you're thinking "This girl eats 2 apples for breakfast and a nutrition bar for lunch what a freak!!!" But that's just how I roll. 

- - - - -

Like literally I got this shirt that is so cute but also SO tight on my boobs. I feel like I can't wear it outside the house, but I want to so badly. I wore it without a bra and it was so tight it like held my boobs up lulz. It has a hamburger on it. I'll probably post about it on Instagram soon so stay tuned.

- - - - -

Speaking of Instagram, I've been having a bit of an identity crisis. I know Instagram themes are dumb and if you do them you care too much about social media, but for me my Instagram theme is my only "art project". I think it's such a challenge to take photos that all blend well together, and I love it. I started getting bored with the white, bright theme so I switched to something more film-y. But then I realized I just don't feel like I am ever satisfied with my film editing. At least with my clean editing I can walk away being like, "Oh that looks great." But with film I just always feel like it isn't good enough.

So what I decided to do was just go back to the white, clean, bright, colorful theme because that's my style anyway. I just want to post more pictures of myself, which sounds narcissistic but whatever. Like sure people care about a flat lay but how much? Like I feel like the greatest thing about social media is being able to feel connected to real people. I enjoy photos of actual people way more than their breakfast, so I want to try to be like that on my own.

- - - - -

Was this enough personal talk for you? Lol. I'm a little rusty on just sitting down at this keyboard and writing whatever comes to mind, but it's a good practice to get into and I want to get that skill back. I'm planning on writing a book one day. An autobiography like Mindy Khaling, Tina Fey, etc. It's mainly for myself, because I remember these things that happened a long time ago and then forget for a few years, and then remember, and then forget, etc. I guess I just like the idea of having something concrete with all my memories in it, in case I one day can only remember my childhood memories by reading about them. So over the past few years I've kept a notebook and written down the little memories as they come back to me. I don't know when I'll be ready to put it in a book, but hopefully one day.

- - - - -

Anyway, I'm off to get swole (apply fake tan and ab workouts LOLZ) so I'll let you babies rest your eyes.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

A Happy List: 128

These cajun fries were GOOD. And we discovered this place all on our own, so I'm prouda that.
My and J's focus the past week has been to live in the moment. Where we're at right now is stressful for a variety of reasons, so it's so easy for us to get caught up in making plans for the future. Last Saturday we realized that is it just DUMB to plan anything further than a month, especially when there are so many variables. Anyway, I don't know if that makes a whole ton of sense, but basically we have been trying to not plan further than a week. I feel like it has made a huge difference! We know we'll have to deal with all these big decisions eventually, but for the next week we know we can just relax. 

I have always been a mega planner (and stresser), so this has been hard for me. But sometimes if you don't stop living in the future you'll drive yourself crazy haha.

Now, onto a happy list!

- - - - -

My coworker and I were sitting in our office working when the light turned off. We both turned to look at each other, and then it turned back off. I was DYING that we were so still for like an hour it thought there wasn't anyone in there ha!
Seeing our first cockroach! It's like a New York right of passage I've been waiting for.
Seeing famous actors/actresses in movies before they were famous.
Finally quitting Anthropologie because they are the worst.
The sound of the voice of the girl in the next office.
Felicity Porters facial features to hair ratio.
Not doing anything wrong at work today.
J's hair flip lol.
Mood AF lights.

- - - - - 

Here are some funny things people said this week:

We were at The Met in the pottery section and J said, "This stuff's kinda boring. Like bowls and stuff? Like I can get one of those at IKEA for $3."

- - - - -

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Where Are You Donuts, Why Can't I Find You?

These babies at donut plant, which took us like 30 minutes to get to lolz4dayzlolz.
I need everyone living in not New York to appreciate those little bakeries in grocery stores. 

Donuts here are far and few between. Is that even a saying? Idk. All I know is I asked a grocery employee if they had donuts, and he said, "Yes, they're in the bakery." So I got really excited and went to the bakery and they were BOXED ENTENMANNS DONUTS.

Not the same thing, you guys. NOT the same thing.

Rip donut life. You will be missed.

- - - - -

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Happy List: 127

Oh my gosh you guys I am DYING writing all these down. This week was really stressful but also sooooo funny.

It all started when I was making a video for the Flog (friend vlog). It was supposed to be an outfit video, but I had forgotten to make it so I was in a rush. I did my 3 outfits and then uploaded the footage to Lightroom to color correct. I don't know how many of you use Lightroom and video, but basically when you import a video it doesn't play it fluidly. Instead, it will give you like 3 screen shots per clip that you inserted so you can see how your editing looks. So, at this point I'm just going through the clips and making sure they all look congruent. I flip through one clip and see MY BUTT. I accidentally left the camera on while I was changing and luckily enough the screenshot was of my butt hahahaha. I wanted to post it on my Snapchat sooo badly because butts are butts, ya know. But I decided to just send it to a few friends instead, and they were all dying laughing too. If you haven't seen it and want to, Snapchat me and I'll show you. Just don't screen shot haha! It is seriousy the funniest thing hahaha. 

Getting caught in the rain.
The way little kids eat stick pretzels.
Reading in a seat on crowded subway trains.
New Yorkers always in their hurry to go nowhere.
Finally trying the cookie straw at Starbuck's. It's good!
How strong/sassy I am becoming. I can hold my own now haha.
Reading so many books! I forgot how good it feels it get lost in a book.
Finding a real life Wayward Pines town, it's called New Canaan and is beautiful.
Riley's Snapchats. I literally LOL at them all the time. Add her! (@rileyjothehow).
- - - - -

Gosh you guys, J was on a ROLL this week. Like, sometimes I write down things that I smile at, but all of these are things that made me laugh HARD.

We were watching this video and when it got to the part with the nachos J said, "Ok, do you want beans later?!?!?!? Jeez!"

J: "Trixie does have good porportions."

Ok this is a little inappropriate but whatever. I always talk about how I want to be a MILF just in like, a joking way. Over the weekend I was telling J how I wouldn't mind getting my PhD some day and maybe teaching. He said, "You want to be a PILF?"

J: "Heck I'd even pay 100% interest rate on 50 bucks!".... "Finance jokes, huh."

J: "You're really fast at computer things, so it's so weird that you still have a hotmail."

J: "Eggs are a mysterious creature."

I started tickling J while he was getting in the shower just to bug him, but he was weirdly awake and started tickling me back. He said, "Tickle fight, tickle fight, tickle fight at 7!!!" (To this tune, for any fans of The Office.) Then, "Em, this is me with emotion."

My mom: "She's adopting Trixie."
Me: "Mom! You can't just give my dog away!"

While on that same phone call with my mom I overhear her saying, "Spray there. No, there. K now wipe it off with the rag." Then to me, "I'm teaching Winnie to work." Winnie is my 4 year old niece haha.

- - - - -

I actually did shop this week because Anthropologie is having a huge sale. Here's what I got.

- - - - -

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekly Nail: ft. Happiness Boutique

Sorry I'm a minute late on this! I do my nails on the actual Sunday, so this is what my nails will look like all this week. 

This week, I am featuring an online boutique called Happiness Boutique. I don't know how many of you have been following since pre-marriage days, but I used to wear A LOT of rings. I took all of them off my left hand when I got married, and then I just haven't bought any more.

This eye ring reminds me of that scene in A Series Of Unfortunate Events ahaha. I am a big fan of dainty/gold jewelry. My goal is to have a bunch more on my right hand. I love those gypsy-esque vibes that come from wearing lots of rings. Anyway, here's the link to their ring gallery! 

If you use the code "emmyjake" you can get 10% off until August 22nd! They have free shipping and a monthly reward program if you're interested.

Ok I am also going to show you guys how last week's nails held up. Nothing is worse than spending the money on nail polish and having it chip :(. So, last week's nail polishes can be found here and I think they held up really well! I'm still really obsessed with Zoya. I'm sad they don't have an affiliate program or anything because I would be all over that.

- - - - -

Friday, July 15, 2016

Apartment Before And After!

Alright. Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. Here is a tour of our 350 square foot studio aparment in New York City. I am always curious about what other people's houses look like, especially when they are in cool places. I feel like, super proud of how cute I made this, but I'll include some before pictures at the end so you guys can compare for yourselves haha.

Pillows (left to right): one, two, three, four, and the one in front. Duvet cover. (Also only $15 and seriously the best!)

Tassel similar here. Lights. Letter marquis lights


I made the New York City print. Temple print is @celestecclark. Donut print is @chelseawhipps on Instagram.

J has to sleep with a fan on so I made him get a beautiful one haha.

This tapestry was $6 on Amazon! Can you even believe it? It's sold out now but similar here.

Gnome salt and pepper shakers.

Drawer liner/adhesive from Flying Tiger.

Adhesive from Flying Tiger. Reusable Starbuck's cups from Starbuck's. We are obsessed with them. Flamingo glass from Flying Tiger. Friends mug is literally everywhere just google it haha.

Spice storage. Magnetic pencil holder from Flying Tiger.

Rug from H&M but honestly I wouldn't recommend their home goods shop. We got some other items that were such bad quality I actually sent them back. 

Also from Flying Tiger haha.

I have a tutorial coming on this get naked art! Also I never realized those drips on the toilet before! I think it's the editing I did in this that made them look weird haha. But that is the thing about New York apartments! They are all very lived in haha. And have been for a while.

We have been loving our Quip toothbrushes! They buzz for 2 minutes with 30 second intervals, so you make sure you brush for 2 minutes. It's funny how psychologically you feel like you can't stop until the vibrating is done lol.

This is so you can all see how big my bathroom is lol.

The before pictures! Luckily the girl who lived here before us left her couch haha. Also, everything you see is everything we brought with us! We traveled light!
I know our apartment is just a tiny matchbox but I love it! We were living in my mom's basement for 2 years before this, so really like anything is good haha. Just having your own place is nice, ya know? Like literally I am naked probably 90% of the time we are home haha. #nudistlyfe. Anyway, I think it's super cute and it just feels cozy like home. <3 I will definitely be happy when we have a door on our bedroom in a future place, but this apartment will always be a fun memory to look back on.

- - - - -

Thursday, July 14, 2016


I was going to post a Flog (friend vlog) for today. I got home from work and made the video and edited it and EVERYTHING.

Then, iMovie decides to export it without any sound. So, alas, there will be no more Flog from me.


- - - - -

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hey Look I Have A Friend

My blogging friend, Kayla, is in town while her husband does training for work! I was in between jobs for a minute and we hit up a walking tour of Chelsea, East Village, and Greenich Village. It was v enjoyable and our tour guide looked exactly like an older version of Cameron Dallas, so I'm counting that as my first celebrity meeting.

While we were walking through Washington Square park we "happened" upon this guy who had a whole story about rescuing 2 baby pidgeons and trying to let them go but they kept coming back. He did have a pidgeon that came to him though, so that was kind of cool lol.

Kayla and I ate here the other day (see the picture on my Tumblr) and their packaging is v cute and v Instagram worthy, just FYI.

Say no to puppy mills! There are so many around the city and it's so sad to see these little guys :( Although they are cute.

The new AIDS memorial!

Any Sex and The City fans out there?

The Friends building!!! <3

We wanted treats so badly the whole time we were on the tour! Finally when we were on the highline we snuck away for a minute and got these v delish ice cream sandwiches. I think all walking tours should take like a 30 minute break in the middle so people can get treats haha.

It was cool to hear a little bit more about the neighborhoods! I feel like I want to do one of the Upper East Side, if it even exists lol.

- - - - -