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Walk With Trixie

Monday, April 11, 2016

Crop top found here.

TRIXIE IS PERFECT!!! She is getting a little too old for long walks now, so I put her in my nieces stroller hahahaha. She loves it so much. I wish there were giants who could push me in a stroller.

Also, that black crop top is 100% the best piece of clothing I own. SO COMFORTABLE. When I am working out I feel like it's motivational because I can see more of my body. I'll be running and look down and be like, KEEP GOING. But if I wear loose clothes then I just assume I look better underneath there than I actually do hahahaha.

Anyway, THERE ARE OFFICIALLY 2 WEEKS UNTIL WE MOVE TO NEW YORK. Like, I have this Monday, and then next Monday, and the Monday after that will be spent traveling all day. I AM SO EXCITED.

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