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Hi More Food

Thursday, April 14, 2016

So my grandma was here last week and I basically gained 5 pounds from all the food we ate. So, here's a mini guide of delicious food to get in Utah.

Ok this is Utah's best kept secret. At the Deseret Book in Salt Lake (the one by City Creek) they have like 15 different jars of candy and you can go in there and fill a bag for only $5! My favorite is the chocolate covered gummy bears.

Ok Ruby Snap is a given. They have the best cookies. They also sell this cookie dough at Harmon's, P.S.! My favorite is the Ricki (the 2 on the left) and Jake's favorite is the Mia (the pink baby). Runner up awards go to the Penelope, Virginia, and Maris.

My family looooooves Black Bear Diner for breakfast. Honestly, now that I've had The Original Pancake House I think that's the best breakfast. But, people basically like it because you can get something called "The Grizz" which is SO MUCH FOOD for like $11. Like Jake and I just split it the last time we went. Oh, also their hot chocolate is very good. *Pictured is the Farmer's scramble which I would recommend above The Grizz cause it felt healthier.*

Roll With It is the best haha. This is where we went with friends a little while ago! It does take them about 5 minutes to make your ice cream, but it's because they are literally pouring cream on a cold thing and mixing it themselves. Pictured above is the salted caramel which I wouldn't recommend. They have a lavendar flavor sometimes that is seriously sooooo good!

Not food related but we got pedicures at a place called CK spa in Highland. The girls were the nicest ever and it was so nice inside, but I wouldn't recommend it! The pedicures were only $20, but they had to redo my grandma's toe like 5 times, my sister had nail polish on the skin outside her nails, and my mom's got smeared. I saw all of this happen so I waited like an hour to put my shoes on (after getting home from the nail salon, so it had probably been like an hour and a half) and it smeared!! Maybe it's just been a while since I got a pedicure, but I feel like usually you can put your shoes on after an hour and a half?? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Forgot to take a picture, but the Asian Salad at Magleby's is SO GOOD. Also while you're there you have to get their chocolate cake. We went and then immediately went to The Orange Peel afterward cause we're obsessed. I tried the Brazilian this time (LOL) and it was so good. Honestly, I never get sweetner in my smoothies there and it's always still so yummy.

Let's finish this post off with the best picture of Jake. Here he is being a fashion blogger. #nailedit

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