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Getting In A Fight With Ikea

Friday, April 29, 2016

I have been an avid Ikea fan for YEARS. YEARS I TELL YOU. When we made our moving plans, we decided to buy most everything from Ikea because it's not expensive and we love it. We read online that the Ikea in Brooklyn offers same day and next day delivery. 

On Wednesday, when we officially got our apartment, we called them to place our order. They told us  they didn't do same day delivery any more. And we needed to come into the store before 3:00 pm in order to get the next day delivery. It was already 2:00 pm and the commute to Ikea is like an hour from where we live. (Although I just heard you can take a ferry there instead of subway/bus!) So, we woke up early on Thursday and made the commute to Ikea.

(Side note: This is why I love the Upper East Side! I mean have you ever seen cleaner subway tracks? #beautiful #art #clean #noratsnomo)

By the time we got there we were starving, so we decided to just eat there instead of having to take the bus all the way back to the subway and go somewhere else. While we were in line we saw a little statue of liberty out the window. We spent a good 5 minutes debating whether or not it was real haha. We're still not 100% but I don't understand what else it could be? Also now we can cross that off our list without having to stand in long tourist lines hahaha. :)

Mega lol at Jake's bed head. This was his first time with a rat's nest and he was so confused. He kept saying, "I have never had one of these!!!!!" I don't know if it's because his hair is getting longer or because we slept without a pillow case? But at any rate we definitely looked homeless our first few days here haha. 

After going through Ikea and picking out all the stuff we wanted, they sassily told us that the soonest we could get our stuff would be on Sunday... AKA NOT next day shipping. I went around and asked like 3 different employees and it turned out to be true haha. So, that sucked, but at least we only have 2 more nights until we have a proper bed to sleep on!

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