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A Happy List: 114

Monday, April 18, 2016

I already posted this on my gramz (@emcakes) but it cracks me up so here we are again.
Getting a new retainer for my bottom teeth. It took soooooooooo long to get them to go back to being straight. But, now they are and I have a nice, new retainer without any springs on it to wear at night!
My sister bought all the episodes of The Walking Dead on Apple T.V.! Now we can get caught up!
Finding out D.C. doesn't have as many natural disasters as I thought. (Kelsey, confirm?)
Making a big decision about grad school. It's not final yet but I'll catch ya up when it is.
When Jake and I don't go to bed right away and Trixie comes to check on us.
Getting all my clothes packed except for what I'm wearing this week.
Getting to the finish line literally 20 seconds before Jake crossed!
Going to 180 Tacos for every farewell lunch/dinner.
Seeing the biggest dog I have ever seen.

- - - - -

My father-in-law: "Eyebrows are getting huge!! Literally!"

Jake: "I got a text I'm so popular."

Jake: "The options are endless at Taco Bell... career options."

Jake: "No one wants to see that ish. No one wants to see pug aaaa."

- - - - -


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