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Yo Where My Smoothie At

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hahahaha you guys. Today at work some coworkers and I ordered smoothies. There was another work order before us, so it took an hour for us to get them. The smoothie guy walks in with the smoothies and these execs go over to him, take the smoothies, and start drinking them!!!! Hahaha. We were like, "... Aren't those our smoothies? We ordered and paid for ourselves?!" 

It was seriously so funny. We were like, "Why would you just start eating food without asking?" Lol. It's mainly funny because the same thing happened last time. A coworker and I got to add smoothies to an order that was placed for the execs. When it came the execs who didn't order a smoothie drank ours! Haha. They're very popular, apparently! Gotta snatch 'em up hot!

Anyway, I got The Pear and would definitely recommend! :)

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  1. Why have I never tried a pear smoothie before!?! I'm pretty sure they don't have a smoothie service at my work, which, is borderline illegal if you ask me, but I'm definitely going to make one myself. Beaut!

    Abby | Eärendil


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