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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

IT HAPPENED. We found an apartment!!! Without telling you the exact neighborhood, it's on Manhattan island just a 10 minute walk from central park. Which means we can have pets! I AM SO EXCITED.

I am seriously soooo excited. Like I can't stop. In New York City, real estate goes so fast. Like, basically unless you're ready to move in within the week you won't get shown apartments. They just laugh at you.

We were planning on having spaghetti anyway (Congratulate me, I am now making dinners (because I am bored) like a real adult.) but we popped out our Martinelli's and had a little party. Even Trixie got some meatballs. :)!

Stay tuned for NYC adventures comin' at ya soon!

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P.S. Literally how gross is the word meatballs? Like meat is gross, and balls is gross, but meatballs?! DX


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