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It Turns Out I'm Not Funny

Thursday, March 17, 2016

So, the other day I was watching my friend, Beverly's, snapchat. At one point, she was looking at her computer and all the pictures were replaced with pictures of Nicholas Cage! Ha! Her husband set it up on her computer because he is awesome.

Obviously I was obsessed with this and made her find out how her husband did it so I could prank people as well. Tonight, I got home from work and sneakily got on Jake's laptop while he was changing into pajamas. I set it up in lightning speed just as he was walking back out.

I got up and was like, "Oh, it won't let me log in sorry." And then ran upstairs lolz. 

OK SO MEANWHILE Jake thinks it's like "Nicholas Cage" day or something because of the pictures he was seeing. I am just like, over here trying to play it cool but internally DYING. Finally, I can't talk it anymore, so I go over to him to get his opinion on some glasses online. 

He's just like, casually looking at his email while there are little icons of Nicholas Cage haha. He's like, "Wait, did you do something?" So I'm like, audibly dying at this point and he's just like, totally straight faced? 

I uninstalled the extension and went back to the couch and then not even A MINUTE LATER he's laughing at a finance joke in The Big Short?! I'm like, wut. 

So, apparently I'm not funny. Although I get a kick out of myself so that counts right.

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