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Getting A Massage, Voting At The Caucus, And The Best Smoothies In The World!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ugh this picture is blurry!! #whatevs #shakeitoff

Ok! So we got our first couple's massage! (Also our first massage in general haha.) IT WAS SO GOOD. I was a little nervous before we went, but it turned out fine. I think we are going to make it a new Valentine's Day tradition. They gave us a sugar foot scrub and Martinelli's and chocolate!!!

Are you supposed to talk during a couple's massage? Like in the movies they are always talking to each other? Idk. We didn't talk to each other haha. Like, A.) I didn't have anything to say, and B.) I just wanted to relax. Anyway, what's the norm for that?

Oh and also they didn't touch my butt. I thought they would, because my friend who gets massages all the time said that they massage your butt and it feels really good. But they didn't so that was that haha.
OK ALSO. We voted at the Caucus on Tuesday! It was sooo crazy and not very well organized. Thank the heavens we saw one of my friends there and he directed us on where to go. I took these pictures while waiting for Jake to fill out his ballot. Bernie and Ted ended up winning, so yay!

Also, I feel like more people need to educate kids on how the voting process works. Like, soo many people I talked to thought that the caucus didn't matter BUT IT DOES. This is basically how it works (if I understand correctly).

All these different candidates run -> during the caucus, you vote for you want to be president -> how many votes each candidate gets has an effect on how many delegates they get -> whichever candidates have the most delegates get to be the final 2! -> if you get 1,297 delegates then you are automatically one of the final 2.

So basically the caucus's matter because you're having a direct effect on who the final 2 candidates are. SO GO VOTE! Like, I honestly get mad when people don't vote because it has such a big effect on our lives I feel like everyone should be able to have a say. There's a really cool website called www.isidewith.com where you can answer a few questions and see who you should vote for. 

Anyway, I have more to say about this but I don't want to write a novel so I'll stop haha.

Lastly, if you live in Utah go to The Orange Peel!! Literally everything they have is good. I loved the smoothie pictured! So far my favorite bubble tea has been: thai coconut, almond, avocado, and no sweeter. SO GOOD. If you haven't been there yet then seriously go! Since me and Jake (well I've stopped, Jake has cut down) drinking soda, it's been soo fun to still be able to go somewhere and get drinks.

Anyway, jeez was this post long enough? #novel. If you made it to the end then congratulations :)

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