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Dinner For One

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I don't know if I ever talked about this on here, but I am turning my blog back into a diary haha. Here's why I switched it: more people started reading here and getting mad at things I said. 

But, now that I'm older I realize everyone has their opinions and it's stupid to alter your life just because a few people get mad at you for yours! So, hello blog diary. I missed you very much. Also, if I say something that offends you, remember I'm just some girl you found online who doesn't know anything about you.

- - - - -

I stopped drinking soda and the only way I have been surviving is because of sparkling cider. It's so freaking good. The other night I made zucchini enchiladas (one of my favorite vegetarian recipes). Jake was gone so I got a little fancy and watched The O.C. while I ate haha. #loner but whatever. I'm proud of my introverted-ness and honestly don't mind being alone some times if Jake has something to go to. My mom is always like, "Jake is having a guys night?! Let's go out!" and I'm like, "Oh, I was planning on watching The O.C. and doing collage art" hahahah.

Also, while we're on that topic let me take the honor to educate you about introverts vs extroverts cause I have encountered 3 different people this week who didn't understand it. Think of a battery. Extroverts are charged by being around people. Introverts are charged by being alone. Now, try writing with your opposite hand. That's what it feels like for introverts to be in extrovert situations all the time, or for extroverts to be in introvert situations all the time.

The end. I just feel like some people think introverts hate anything social, or extroverts can't be alone. Which is stupid. It's just how they recharge. As a raging introvert, I can say that when people don't give me the time to recharge... it's bad hahahaha. So, respect yo friends and family.


- - - - -

P.S. I brought Disqus back because I want you guys to know I'm responding to your comments, and I feel like it's easier that way because then you don't have to check back here. If you're not already signed up you should, because if someone responds to your comment it just emails you a notification. It's super nice.


  1. Thank you for bringing disqus back!

  2. Yayyyy for this entire post! In the last few weeks I've fought MANY (way too many (it's pathetic (really))) battles in my head, with myself, over my blog. Most of my readers come for my memory keeping/Project Life posts, but like, that's not the point of my blog. At least, not to me. And while driving to work this morning I was on the phone with my girlfriend and was going on and on about how I don't want my blog to be a business, I want it to be basically a diary that tells whatever stories I feel like telling, which is all of them.

    ANYWAY. Too much about me. YAY FOR THIS DECISION FOR YOU! Personally, true personal blogs are my favorite for exactly the reason that they're diary-ish...but like, not in a creepy way.

    Also. Kudos on Disqus. I've been contemplating bringing it back on my blog too and you porbably inspired me to do that too. Yay.

  3. DIARY YES. That's the best kind of blog IMO. :)

  4. Yeah, love Disqus.
    Great explanation about introvert vs. extrovert. I feel like I'm in the middles.
    Also, I'm psyched your blog is more like a diary now <3


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