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Dead Cause Fondue

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
YOU GUYS HAVE TO GO TO THE RIDGE IN DRAPER. It was seriously the most delicious, little hidden gem. I got the cheese fondue with soft pretzel bites and I have been craving them every day since. Jake got a burger with fries and loved it. But he was more excited about the cookie/sundae! For good reason too. We finished it off in like, two seconds haha.

This place is super cute. It's up in Suncerest, which I love. (If you've never been there either, you need to go drive around!) We decided we would add this to our Utah Top 10, which is a big deal cause we've both lived here our entire lives and have eaten pretty much everywhere. 

SO GO HERE. Also take me with you so I can get that fondue again. #heaven.

- - - - -

P.S. I took these pictures with my digital camera and I have so much regret haha. I'm going to keep using my DSLR primarily because apparently I'm a camera snob now. But I do love my digital for quick snaps and video! :)

2 comments on "Dead Cause Fondue"
  1. mmm!! Definitely going there! I need that cookie/sundae in my life.

  2. Ummm this place sounds awesome. I feel like I have the hardest time finding new places around here, and so I get caught up in this funk of eating at all the exact same places over and over.... which is a total shame because I realize there actually is a lot of variety if I just open my eyes a little, haha. Anyway, thank you for sharing, I will add this to me list of things to try.


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