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A Happy List: 109

Monday, March 14, 2016

I was at work and called my orthodontist to reschedule my appointment. When she answered the phone I got confused and said, "Hi, this is Emmy from Social Dental, I just wanted to reschedule my appointment." And then she was really confused and I had to awkwardly try to undo what I said haha.

Not committing to 2 events and not giving in to the social pressure to commit. #stayedstrong

Getting a free NYX contouring palette at the Nordstrom Rack grand opening.

Getting Trixie's DNA test results back! More on this later!

Getting really fast at giving Trixie her medications.

Ben Sasso liked and commented on my photo.

Using a shimmer highlight omg.

Putting in my two weeks!

Having black hair again.

When it rains at work.

- - - - -

*Me with a crown braid* My mom: "Ok princess Leah!"

Me: "Trixie is so beautiful. Look at her. She is perfect."
My mom: "It's so weird when you talk about her like that."

My mom: "A slug is cuter than her dog!"

- - - - -



    Also, that first one reminds me I need to call the Army back and get them to give me my dang dental appointment! Last week I started having toothaches and figured "meh, another cavity," but then when I looked at my mouth in the mirror I noticed one of my bottom teeth (not a molar, halfway between the front and my molars) looks like a freaking ant farm from the side...there's like, a burrowed canyon-y crevice across the length of it and a perfectly round, "wide" hole in the middle, going down the center...like, WUT? How does that even happen?!

    B. ) Go to the dentist!!!
    C.) I can't believe you have like, visible holes! That's crazy! Isn't it like, killing you with pain?!

  3. Wait maybe a previous cavity fell out?

  4. DUDE. IDK? My appointment isn't until the 29th because I'm cheap and waiting for the Army to pay and that's the earliest they would pay. HAHA! And it's not really a hole as much as a vertical crevice along the side of my tooth. Like, it looks like Pacman came and ate across my tooth. IT IS SO WEIRD.

    (But there's also a hole. In the center of the middle of my tooth. If that makes sense?)

  5. Jeez! well let me know what happens!


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