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Friday, February 26, 2016

Guys. I have friends. I went on a triple date with them and it was real life. #goals right. YAY I LOVE MY FRIENDS.

Ok so I have to lol about this. We ate at Good Thyme and got ice cream at Roll Up Creamery. It wasn't everyone's favorite experience. It just took them really long to make the food and the menu was really confusing and some of our food was cold. BUT. I still liked it hahahahahhaah.

It was just like, fresh food? Idk. Like I just felt like it was pretty unique. Picture above is the red pepper pasta (delicious), citrus salad (delicious), paramesan pasta salad (delicious) and apple pear salad (too spicy for me). But like, all of that was good. Oh, also we got a green drink that was super good and fresh tasting too. The ice cream place is super cool (pun intended). They pour it from a liquid onto that plate thing and then freeze it in front of you. They roll it up at the end too so it's like little curlys. ALSO THEY HAD A LAVENDAR FLAVOR. I love lavendar flavored things. 

So yeah, all in all, this is my opinion: The food was really good. Good Thymes menu and pricing was confusing. Roll Up Creamery's line was really slow moving and long and they ran out of supplies. That being said, I'm going to go back before deciding I don't like them. It seems like they're kinda new and still figuring stuff out, so I want to go back and see it the lines/menu get better. :)

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