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DIY Jeweled Crown

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I made these for our New Year's Eve and decided to post a how-to for anyone wanting to be royalty. This was seriously so easy, it doesn't even need step by step photos haha.

Glitter foam paper (This holds better and is more flexible than cardboard/regular paper, in my opinion. I got mine at Wal-Mart but there are so pretty colors on Amazon.)
Hot glue gun

1. Fold the paper hot dog style and cut v shapes. I used the triangle I got from my first v shape so they were all even.
2. Glue the ends together. (You may need to reshape your point a little bit, or cut off some excess.)
3. Add jewels!
4. Measure your head. You'll most likely need a rectangle strip in the back.
5. Super glue the strip.
6. That's it! You're a queen (or king) now!

And of course, you can't make a crown for yourself without making one for your pup!

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  1. Haha I love that you made one for Trixie! They're super cute on all of you, but extra cute on her! :)

  2. Oh-my-gosh! That pic of Trixie melts my heart. She's definitely a princess.

  3. So cute! I love that Trixie has one too!!

  4. AAAAAH i love trixie. shes so pritty.


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