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Hi! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm a 26 year old therapist, feminist, photographer, and shop owner currently living in Seattle, Washington. My shop, Dealign with Feelings, is geared toward destigmatizing and normalizing mental health. I'm biased, but I think we have some pretty cute stuff :) Click the "shop" tab to see what we've got! I mainly post about my travel and daily life on here. With other random musings thrown in. I post more frequently (and about more feminism) on my Instagram @emmycoletti, so make sure you're following me there. Thanks for stopping by!

A Happy List: 107

Monday, February 29, 2016

This was me trying to record a vlog but taking a picture instead haha.
Finally watching It Follows. (Btw, Vidangel is a life saver if you want to watch movies edited!)
Ordering a print of my collage art to see if it's a good idea to do an Etsy shop.
Finally getting my photography featured on Ivie's Instagram.
Shooting at the Utah Lake dock in American Fork.
The cheese fondue at The Ridge!!
Having the house to ourselves.
Rib night with Katherine.
Oliva Benson.
Clean floors.

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